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Phoenix in the Springtime

Phoenix in the Springtime

Simply put, mornings like this morning are the reason I have made the Phoenix area my home for the last 33 years.

Temperatures in the 60s on the way to highs in the 70s, blue skies, Mr. Bluebird on my shoulder …

Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration.

For those for whom the ground looks like an Olympic cross country skiing course, here’s the view this morning from the concourse at the Surprise Recreation Concourse, spring home of the Texas Rangers and Kansas City Royals:

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The air is filled with the scent of orange blossoms while the quiet is interrupted by the sound of a baseball thwacking into leather gloves … and the occasional F-16 overflight from Luke Air Force Base, but that’s another story.

It’s so easy to make this your winter home, or to purchase a property that will become other fortunate souls’ winter homes as a vacation rental. Such investments aren’t for everyone, mind you. But if you’ve got the ability, the will and your fill of the chills, the sun awaits.

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  • Michael Denis says:

    I am envious of you. Let’s see, the snow is just startig to melt here with temperatures hovering around the freezing point. We have no real hockey team this year. You have great weather, spring training is kicking into gear and you have a hockey team. What more could you want?

  • Well, I think this sounds like fun to live there, there’s soft ground ball, the plane in the sky … what else is missing?

  • So,the weather in Phoenix is really good huh?Sounds good!!I like that..We are searching for a nice property in Phoenix because my Dad believe that Phoenix is such a lovely and peaceful place!! The photo looks so cool and relaxing!!!

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