Phoenix Komen Walk This Morning

avatarthumbnail.jpgWe were lapped at various points in time by others in the Survivor Run/Walk, official serious looking racers in the 5K Race and even a few folks who were in the 5K walk (not to mention two snails, a three-toed sloth and a turtle), but my parents and I completed the Komen 5K Survivor walk this morning.

Well, my mom and I did. My dad pulled a Rosie Ruiz, disappearing about a half-mile into the race and reappearing a half-mile from the end, frantically mopping the lack of sweat off his brow. We’ll give him a pass.


Many of my fellow agents from RE/MAX Desert Showcase were in the 5K Walk, though mercifully none passed us, saving me the explanation. Given my mom – the two-time survivor – is 69, our time of 1:05 for the 5K wasn’t completely terrible. And it’s really besides the point.

Speaking of the point, if you haven’t donated to the Komen Foundation anywhere else and wish to do so, I’d be more than grateful if you’d do it here. Any amount will suffice and every little bit helps.

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Jonathan Dalton

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