Phoenix Light Rail Coming to Life

avatarthumbnail.jpgOnce upon a time when I attended Arizona State, I remember seeing a lonely train engine sitting on the tracks outside the football stadium and wondering where in the hell it came from. That spur was long since dormant.

Not any more. Well, technically that spur is long gone … in its place is the track for Phoenix’s new light rail system set to debut in late December. Valley Metro has been conducting tests on different segments but Saturday was the first full-system test of the light rail.

So, those folks on University Drive heading to Saturday’s Arizona State-Oregon football game were greeted with ringing bells and flashing red lights as the mechanical arms came down in advance of the train.


The thought of the train already has me considering purchasing Arizona State basketball tickets, at least for the Pac-10 schedule. One of the main reasons I hold football and not basketball tickets is the twice-a-week trip to Tempe required of basketball (versus seven trips over four months for football.)

Given the option of taking the train from its current terminus at Christown Spectrum Mall and riding into Tempe instead of driving, though, and the idea’s suddenly more attractive.


For more information on the light rail, check out Valley Metro’s website.

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Jonathan Dalton

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  • Nick Bastian 9 years ago

    “greeted with ringing bells and flashing red lights ” – It is a bummer that the Devil’s had a similar feeling after the game.
    Great point about the basketball tickets. The light rail is going to make a lot of sense for a whole bunch of sporting activities. Hope to see ya around, JD…

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