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Preparing for the New Arizona Regional MLS

Preparing for the New Arizona Regional MLS

avatarthumbnail.jpgThe transition is underway.

Last fall, the Arizona Regional MLS announced an agreement with FlexMLS to provide MLS services for the Phoenix real estate market. What once seemed deep into the future now is upon us – the transition from the beast that is Tempo Marketlinx is just two weeks away.

For the general public, the most notable change will be a switch in the automated searches now available in what’s called “Client Gateway.” Instead, clients will have access to a “listings portal.” It looks like the vast majority of data on properties previously marked as Favorites, Possibilities and Rejected has populated over to the new system.

Outside of a new platform, the biggest difference I see is in the delivery of listings. If I’m looking at things correctly, there will be one daily e-mail sent with updates as opposed to the multiple updates put into place some time ago.

Currently I have a few dozen clients receiving these updates. Other agents have a few hundred, depending on how often they cull their lists. (Updates have set expiratioin dates so if it becomes apparent a client is using me for listings but will be using someone else to purchase their home, the listings get shut off. Sorry, but it’s a business.)

I’m not seeing that functionality on the new system though the rest of the contact management system looks fairly slick.

Sometime in the next week I’ll put together a post with screenshots and notes on what to expect during the changeover. As long as ARMLS doesn’t start smoldering like its cousin in San Diego during Sandicor’s changeover a month ago, I’ll be happy.

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  • Jonathon,when live, auto emails will be processed twice per day just as they are now with Tempo. Actually, I’m quite surprised any auto emails are being sent now.

  • Also, just an FYI, the data is being reviewed and should not be sent to clients until July 28.

  • Sorry, I think I misunderstood your post originally and now understand you were referring to your sending updates from Tempo now. I need more rest, I think.

  • I apologize for bombarding you with comments but can you give me more details on the expiration process you have now for prospecting events? You’re right we don’t have that now but we should.

  • Portal isn’t live as we discovered … no worries there.

    On the expiration, the automated listings through the current gateway are set at intervals of 30, 60, 90, 120 or 180 days.
    Access has to be restored after the interval expires.

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