President Obama to Visit Mesa’s Dobson High School

avatarthumbnail.jpgThis easily is the most momentous event at Dobson High School since a certain real estate agent and beagle owner graduated from those hallowed halls in May of 1986 _ President Obama will be coming to the Home of the Mustangs on Wednesday as part of his publicity push for the $787 billion stimulus plan.

More specifically, according to The Arizona Republic, the president is expected to outline his plan to direct $50 billion from the plan directly toward stemming the rising tide of foreclosures in the Phoenix real estate market and elsewhere.

A handful of tickets were made available to the public this morning though as of this writing the 300 to 400 seats almost certainly are gone. My parents will be watching the motorcade drive past the back of their home on Guadalupe Road, Secret Service willing.

One quick side note … when I started this website three years ago, the goal was to write about real estate. More and more, though, I’m finding myself pulled toward politics as that is the arena where real estate’s most open for debate. So just know I’m trying to steer clear of that morass though with mixed success.

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Jonathan Dalton

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