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Sun City Arizona

Local newspapers take great delight in writing stories that discuss the average selling price, or even the average selling price per square foot, of homes in a given city. But there’s a distinct flaw in the reportage – with incredibly rare exceptions, a city or town is too large an area for an average price per square foot to have any meaning.

Take, for example, Sun City … and if you’re not familiar with Del Webb’s original retirement community, don’t adjust your screen. It really is a bunch of circles stacked on top of each other.

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Prices vary significantly inside of Sun City depending not only on the type of home, but also where the home is located.

Common sense tells you that an attached townhouse, usually in a string of four properties, will sell for less than a gemini home (two houses with one common wall and essentially a zero lot) and a gemini home will sell for less than a detached home. And a detached home on the golf course or the lake will sell for more than a single-family detached home that’s not on a premium lot.

In terms of location, the further north you go, the higher the home values; when Del Webb started construction back in the early 60s, the first homes were along Peoria Avenue and the community was built north from there. The (relatively) newer the home, the higher the values.

Now, there are other factors that come into play as they do everywhere … upgrades and updates can make a huge difference when discussing homes built somewhere between the Johnson and Ford administrations. Homes that still feature that same 1972 oven – and they’re out there – won’t sell for nearly as much as one where the appliances have been updated since the advent of personal computers.

The point of all of this is just this … take what you read in the newspapers about real estate, particularly real estate in larger areas like Sun City, Glendale and Peoria, with a healthy grain of salt. The reporters’ job is to summarize, but it’s not a summary you need when you’re looking to sell and need a real value.

And, since I’ve been discussing homes for sale in Sun City, here are a few you can check out …

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