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Quick Widget-Ectomy

Quick Widget-Ectomy

Jonathan Dalton, Phoenix Real Estate AgentI feel like Mel Brooks in Spaceballs when his head was placed on his body in reverse. “Why didn’t anyone tell me my ass is this big?”

Why didn’t anyone tell me the widget in the left column was showing the wrong information? The old widget was flipping the equation on the U.S. and Canadian dollars, as best I could tell, but in either even it’s out of there in favor of the new version.

My earlier point remains, though, that exchange rates are going to impact Canadians purchasing here in the states to a greater degree than property values.

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  • MarkH says:

    Refreshing change Jonathan! Your points on exchange rates and their volatility are indeed valid… but your Russian widget was ass-backwards.

    Now perhaps you could re-write your cautionary tale & compare market conditions for potential Canadian investors today vs. 12 months ago? When considering the weakened Phoenix market, the lofty loonie, and favorable mortgage rates, my uneducated assumption is that Canadians are getting a 30-40% bigger bang for their buck than one year ago.

    Looking forward to your educated perspective!

  • It’s in the works, Mark … 🙂

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