Real Estate Agents and the One Out of 15

Jonathan Dalton, Phoenix Real Estate AgentYesterday I heard this comment made during a convention session on rabbinic review; it seemed equally applicable to the real estate world.

“This is why many choose the rabbinate. It’s like when your child applies to 15 different colleges and gets accepted to 14 out of 15. The one that said no is the one that he’s going to obsess about. It’s our personality type. We’re sensitive to what others are thinking or feeling.”

I’ve lamented about listings lost and wondered what I did wrong that I couldn’t get the seller to see the reality of the market even with all of the data sitting in front of them. I’ve done the same when a buyer has elected to buy through someone else, such as a week ago when a buyer was agent shopping as well as home shopping without disclosing this was their intent until appointments had been set.

Jay Thompson long ago wrote about an expired listing and the sense of failure he felt, not that the listing didn’t sell but that he failed to educate the seller sufficiently to persuade them to put a sellable price on their home.

Steve Belt just the other day wrote about watching a renter go a different direction.

Our success comes not just from our knowledge but our empathy. Few are so distant from their last personal home sale that they forget the emotions involved. And much like the old saying that doctors make the worst patients, real estate agents often are the worst buyers and sellers … especially buyers.

Renowned real estate trainer David Knox says you “must let go” to prevent challenges of the past from impacting the future. It’s easier said than done. After hearing that quote yesterday, now I better understand why.

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Jonathan Dalton

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