Reason Number 4,761 the National Association of Realtors is Useless

Jonathan Dalton, Phoenix Real Estate AgentWe pay dues but do the members even matter anymore?

At San Francisco’s Inman Conference, we learned that our money’s being spent on junkets for the higher-ups to appear and make us look foolish. In Minnesota, the head of the local association actively is urging people to get out of the real estate business because there are too many agents.

And thank goodness the pinheads from NAR’s legal department is selectively choosing which trademark violations to pursue. I’m sure the fact B.R. has been critical of the powers that be had noooooooooothing to do with the decision to send a cease and desist letter.

Selectively choosing, Jonathan? Isn’t that a bit unfair? Not really. None of the following comply with NAR’s narrow allowance of the Realtor name in a domain (nor do the examples that Jay found, all parked and ready to go.) All are here in Arizona and all were found inside of five minutes on Yahoo!


If you’re going to C&D one or two, get them all. Don’t make criticism of the stupidity of NAR a requirement for trademark violation investigations. Try to settle for being merely incompetent and not morally corrupt.

Not to Joe and Rudy … I hope someone tries it. I really do. Since most of us are members only because we have to be to maintain our MLS access, there’s no exclusivity to being a REALTOR versus a regular real estate agent no matter what they say in that moronic ad campaign.


Jonathan Dalton

Jonathan Dalton is a 40-plus-year resident of the Valley and has been helping folks buy and sell homes since 2004. He can be reached at 602-502-9693 or info at


  • Ron 10 years ago

    Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water!

    Like any bureaucracy NAR tends to get top heavy and lose touch with its base at times. Should NAR selectively prosecute?……….of course not! Can power be intoxicating?………..of course! That is a personal flaw, not an organizational flaw and is an internal problem. We as members can work to change it.

    Speaking as one in the trenches for over thirty years, I believe there are more benefits than just MLS. While MLS is a huge benefit for both buyer and seller, not to mention REALTOR, the Code of Ethics is a gigantic asset for keeping agents from running amuck. Else they could lose the tools of their trade.

    Agents, knowing they can be called on the carpet by their peers, tend not to step over the line as often. This benefits the public. Without NAR and the Code of Ethics we are left, in Arizona, with the Department of Real Estate keeping licensees in line. In most cases complaints are only looked at if a member of the public files it.

    It is my belief NAR and the Code of Ethics has helped us self police and maintain a more professional industry, benefiting the public and agent alike.

  • Jonathan Dalton 10 years ago

    But I’m not certain that the Code really is enough to keep agents in line. It does not mandate actual knowledge, competency or any training outside the biennial training on the code itself.

    Perhaps if NAR would stop trying so hard with their marketing efforts that hurt rather than help those of us on the street, it would be more palatable.

    The question is how do we start to effect the change? We can’t vote with our pocketbooks, at least locally. We don’t have any say in the latest senior economist/spin expert.

    What do we do?

  • Craig Davidenko 10 years ago

    Ok lets all calm or should I say “com” down?! Denial, some people think that certain things last forever.however those people eventually learn the plain and simple truth.many many years ago the dinosaurs romed the earth alongside real estate brokers and agents who held the “holy grail”..”the mls book” but then came along came the world wide web.dinosaurs extinct and brokers and agents wondering when people would notice that they in fact did not hold the “mls” anymore.
    I am a real estate broker who lives in the year 2007. To be exact 10/07″A time that will be read about” I am starting a New Real Estate Marketing Company called brokers should call as I will begin with seeds throughout the country. If you live in Tampa Florida your domain would be THE FUTURE OF REAL ESTATE IS HERE AND COMING TO A TOWN NEAR YOU!

    I agree THE NAR HAS A BIG WAKEUP CALL TO ANSWER….The world wide web…has a few more members than the National Association Of “Realtors”…and as far as “ethics” WHAT ETHICS????? agents and brokers are sharks in a tank with no room and no food….guess what happens??

  • Jonathan Dalton 10 years ago

    Sorry, Craig, but I think adding your phone number to recruit on the bottom of a blog post is somewhere slightly beyond tacky … so I deleted it. I’ll allow the domain to stand though I would suggest there are better ways to advertise yourself.

  • Craig Davidenko 10 years ago

    well i am not hiding behind a picture with my dog, i was just stating that there are big changes taking place very quickly. i did not read through and make rude remarks….it just goes to show the shark theory i have is probably correct..if someone wants to whois they can do so…I did not post to advertise but to state the fact that brokers who realize whats beyond the horizon are the ones signing up for flat rate services.

  • Jonathan Dalton 10 years ago

    How am I hiding behind a picture? Are you expecting a live video feed? That makes no sense whatsoever.

    The changes you are referring to aren’t anything new, Craig. Flat rate companies have existed in the past and will exist in the future. Some stay in business, some do not.

    And asking people to sign up with you is advertising. You know it as well as I do so there’s no need to feign innocence. My readers are smarter than that.

  • Craig Davidenko 10 years ago

    Jonathan ok time out…i think your blog is great and I am sorry i left my # but again the mention of the domain name should of been enough..I have spoke to many who agree that the housing mess that we are all in has forever change the way of the real estate market.. when Redfin gets CBS and FSBO markets grow by the day …in the end the mls is all we have…among our useful,info filled websites that any can use to search that mls…i appreciate your knowledge and your blog

  • Jonathan Dalton 10 years ago

    All in all, Craig, I wish you the best of luck … if you can make it work, more power to you.

    I’m seeing things differently as I wrote in the more recent post. When only one in 10 homes are selling, people are going to flock to the agent selling that one home no matter what the cost.

    That’s why I’m where I am. If flat rate works better for you, though, go for it.