Roll Bounce

avatarthumbnail.jpg“Let’s take the kids roller skating,” said my wife, apparently having flashbacks to her bejeweled youth when she was the queen of Great Skate in northwest Phoenix. I’m blaming myself for these flashbacks because of my penchant for listening to ABBA radio on the Sirius; one too many renditions of “Dancing Queen” may have finally sunk in.

Less than 30 seconds into the adventure I realized something had gone seriously wrong. When we went to Great Skate a couple of years back for a Pioneer Elementary fundraiser, I was clumsy but was able to make my way around the rink repeatedly without any sort of major damage. Last night? Maneuvering on carpet was a major issue.

Ironically, my balance-impaired wife – the same woman who set a record at Sun Devil Stadium by taking 13 seconds to swivel and fall on one stair – found her groove on four wheels within a lap. Maybe her skates came with gyroscopes.

There were brief flashes of hope – the six consecutive strides (which ended with me planting myself into the wall at what for me was full speed), and later a lap with my 9-year-old holding my hand (and keeping me out of the wall.)

By night’s end? I finally remembered what I was doing but at that point my quads already were searing and the free skate time was two minutes from ending.

Many home sellers these days are in the same boat … they’ve sold a couple of homes in the past and have no doubt they can jump right in and do the same thing again without any trouble. We did it once, how hard can it be?

Except selling a house now is nothing like selling a house once upon a time. Those For Sale By Owner signs that used to attract investors like moths to a flame? The investors are flying for the brighter lights – the bank owned homes, short sales, etc. Placing an ad in the newspaper? Nobody’s looking there anymore.

Even trying to compensate for changes over time – say using craigslist – isn’t necessarily going to work. I had one client with whom I parted ways because I wasn’t interested in going into craigslist daily to put his house temporarily at the top of the search. This, he knew, would be the key to his house selling.

Four months later, he still owns the house. Being aware of the changes doesn’t always mean that you’re aware of everything that has changed.

I mean, I knew I’d gained a few pounds since the last skating expedition but wasn’t really prepared for the impact it would have. Or at least the degree of the impact.

At least there’s Wii fit. Mercifully, it doesn’t come with wheels.

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Jonathan Dalton

Jonathan Dalton is a 40-plus-year resident of the Valley and has been helping folks buy and sell homes since 2004. He can be reached at 602-502-9693 or info at


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