Routers, Real Estate and the Evil of Good Enough

Another Real Estate Bar Camp Phoenix edition has passed and again I found myself in a technology measuring contest with most of the best real estate minds, technologically speaking, in the Phoenix market.

Where do I rate, if I’m honest? Nowhere near the top, nowhere near the bottom and more likely than not closer to the top than the middle. Having said that, what always has kept me back is the concept of “good enough.”

Until last fall I didn’t use electronic signatures because my fax machine and clients’ ability to scan and e-mail was good enough. Until last night, when my 7-year-old router begged to be put out of its misery, I never made the change because the other router was good enough.

(Brief aside: Holy cripes, what was I missing? New router connected to everything in my house inside of two minutes where the old router was pure agony.)

Until January I rejected the concept of an electronic book reader because the old idea of going to the library and combing used bookstores was good enough.

Until last October, I soldiered on with the a Samsung Instinct (aka the world’s least intelligent smart phone), not switching at least to the Blackberry curve I know have because the prior’s functionality was good enough.

(Brief aside #2: my 12-year-old now has an Android. Yeah, good enough may not be in the near future.)

I don’t yet own a Flip camera because my current camera’s video capability is good enough. I haven’t traded in my spouse yet because

(Wanted to see who was still reading.)

Real estate seems to be filled with good enough.

There’s no need to run the comps to check property values because guessing at what the price used to be is good enough.

There’s no need to check with an asset manager to see what a lender might really be willing to do, even on an as is sale, because saying “they never do anything” is good enough.

There’s no sense in being outraged that anyone can remove anything they want from a HUD home and it matters not because not caring is “good enough.”

There’s no need to learn how to do the business better, no matter how long you have been in the business, from days to decades, because whatever you’ve always done is “good enough.”

There’s no reason to rail about the misinformation being given to the real estate consumers by third-party aggregation sites because the data, while incomplete and incorrect, is “good enough.”

There’s no reason to quit the National Association of REALTORS because whining daily online about what they do while a) not doing anything to change the organization and b) meekly submitting a dues check because you’re too cowardly to take a real stand seems to be “good enough.”

There’s no end to what tends to be good enough, even though it isn’t and it’s not even particularly unique to real estate.

The only way to spike the evil of good enough is to recognize good enough isn’t. Even if you take just one aspect of your life and decide good enough won’t do, I guarantee you that you will see exponential improvement as you realize the power you hold in your own hands.

And that thought, for now, is good enough.

Jonathan Dalton

Jonathan Dalton is a 40-plus-year resident of the Valley and has been helping folks buy and sell homes since 2004. He can be reached at 602-502-9693 or info at

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  • Adrian Salgado 7 years ago

    Good post, Jonathan. Great reminder that good enough is simply not good enough.

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