Running With the Wrong Crowd

avatarthumbnail.jpgCentury 21 Canada’s blog ran an article this afternoon about last week’s panel on “Tapping the Global Real Estate Market” at Inman’s Real Estate Connect Conference in San Francisco.

Don Lawby, president of C21 Canada, is quoted extensively as well he should be. It’s his company’s blog, after all, and he had some common sense, down to earth advice for American agents trying to find Canadian buyers … this will benefit the Canadians via a trickle-down effect. The more the agents here know, the better for all involved.

None of my advice was included in the article, but the most-commented upon advice was part of the story:

To build your business even more, attend major international events, such as Wimbledon and the Cannes Film Festival, network with participants, and follow up on the contacts you make.

I actually had planned on skipping Cannes this year as I found the whole thing a bit … what’s the word … tacky. Too much paparazzi, too much Brangelina. And it’s all new money, don’t you know.

Maybe I’ll have to reconsider. It’s something for me to think about when I’m sun bathing in Villefranche, France next week …

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  • I”d pay good money to watch you being interviewed at Cannes.

  • omg, I’m still reeling! We need to get a green screen and do a video series of “Dalton at Cannes” where you yell at celebrities, ask them for their home address and dry to hand them property flyers…. THAT would be awesome.

  • We can trick them. I’ll come as your Canadian man servant. Nobody has them these days.

  • We’d never make it back, Larry …

    Lani, I think you’re on to something there …

  • I came home and immediately told Francy I was headed to Monaco for the Grand Prix to procure some buyer clients.

    She swiftly nixed that concept.