Scottsdale Real Estate via the Calgary Herald

Saw this Scottsdale real estate article come across the wires this morning. From the Calgary Herald:

Median prices vary significantly across Scottsdale, increasing from the southern section to the newer developments in the north, with family homes, condos and resort-style properties ranging from the $100,000s to multi-million dollar estates.

And now with the loonie at a three-year high, the sun-dazzled city is a treasure for savvy Canadian investors.

For once, I don’t have a lot of commentary to add. Prices are going to range wildly but it’s safe to say any detached home with a “1” on it is in South Scottsdale closest to Tempe and south of or right around Old Town.

Scottsdale does remain one of the more expensive areas in the Phoenix real estate market, so a “deal” is defined a bit differently there. Though, even in Scottsdale, there now are a handful of homes on the far south end under $100K.

North Scottsdale (Greyhawk, DC Ranch, McDoweel Mountain Ranch) and Central Scottsdale (McCormick Ranch, Gainey Ranch) start around $175,000 with a handful of listings but mostly are $200,000 and up.

If you are north of the border, though, the biggest variable for you is and always will be the conversion rate. If you’re not thinking seriously about making your move now that the loonie is at $1.03, you’re probably not thinking seriously at all. Just sayin’.

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Jonathan Dalton

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