Some Costs of Selling Your Home as a FSBO


That picture above is an actual photograph of a home listed for sale in craigslist.

Without getting too deep into a whole debate about political correctness – the world’s already coming to an end as we know it thanks to the p.c. police (brown bag, really?) – I think I can safely provide this piece of advice … take down your damned Confederate flag before you take the picture of your living room and put the home on the market.

Could be the seller is one of those “I’m living my life my way” kinda folks, which often translates into “no clue how to behave in a social setting.” But when the one thing you need to do to sell your home is make it attractive to the widest possible audience, reining in your need to be you is key.

FSBO Myths

There are a number of reasons why sellers decide to sell their homes themselves rather than hiring an agent. Most also can be easily debunked.

Selling a house in this market is easy. I’ve got more than 100 expired homes in the MLS since Wednesday that say your wrong (not my listings, mind you … I haven’t had one expire unsold in a few years now.) You’ve got to market the home – not just on craigslist – and that involves not just time, experience and effort but a bit of cash to hire a professional photographer who’ll tell you to take down the Confederate Flag.

I’ll save some money. Maybe, maybe not. A lot of the people wanting to “save some money” end up listing their homes on a flat-fee real estate site, where they end up offering to pay a commission to a buyer’s agent while handling all the negotiations solo. Kinda like a weekend warrior taking on Rafael Nadal on a whim. Not a good idea. The reality is a good agent – like me, for instance – can get you more money and do a better job of holding the deal together, allowing you to keep that money, than you’re going to be able to do on your own.

Agents don’t really do much. If you say so. Truth is, sometimes the easiest part of the home sale is putting a home in the MLS and other sites and getting a contract in hand. It’s the negotiations that take place once you have the contract and all the way through the process – inspections, appraisals gone to hell, repairs, last minute brush fires – where most of the work takes place. If you’ve got the time to deal with all of that, I suppose you’re welcome to do so. Much easier to have someone who’s gone through those battles multiple times handle it for you.

There was a point in my own life where I was happy to do everything myself, from mowing the lawn in 118 degree weather to using the self-park when I was rolling in my Nissan Sentra (oooooooh yeaaaaah) along the Las Vegas Strip and pulled into a casino. Then, eventually, I realized it was worth the $5 valet or the tip to the doorman or the cost of a landscaper to both get things done better but also save myself the hassle.

Moving’s enough of a hassle. Let a pro take care of the rest.

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Speaking of professionally marketed homes, here are some for sale in Arrowhead Ranch in Glendale AZ …

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Jonathan Dalton

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