Some quick housekeeping …

avatar.jpgAfter some debate, here’s what we’re going to do …

1)  Since Saturday seems to be my most challenging day to fit a post into an already packed schedule of clients, soccer and the occasional sportswriting assignment, I’m turning the blog over to Tobey for the day.

Kudos to Mary McKnight for the general suggestion … Tobey has seen Odysseus write once in a while and is a bit jealous.

2) Monday’s will contain some tidbit about Phoenix and/or Arizona. Something about the area’s history, it’s nightlife (not that I know much about it with a wife, three kids and a 37-year-old’s body), what it has to offer in general.

As I read yesterday’s post I realized I may be giving the Valley short shrift, most likely caused by 30 years of baking in the summer.

That’s it for programming …

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Jonathan Dalton

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