Elves Aren’t the Only Tinkerers in December

And so on this, my first quiet day in the home office in the last few weeks, I have found myself buried up to my neck in code.

Those elves at the North Pole, allegedly working diligently to fill this year’s holiday order, have nothing on this self-styled Grinch.

PHP, CSS, HTML and a healthy dose of WTF … all have been my obsession since early morning, or the reasonable facsimile. Truth be told, it’s hard for me to complain because I’m in my element. Sort of. While Bill Gates was working on something called “Windows” I spent the 1980s playing away on my TI-994A, 16-color computer hooked up to a small color television set. I knew enough to write relatively simple programs but not enough to do anything spectacular.

The Once Great Alaskan Shootout and Real Estate Amateur Hour

As an alumnus of Arizona State University, the past three nights have been spent watching the Sun Devils basketball team playing in the once-upon-a-time Great Alaskan Shootout (hard to say it’s great given the thin field attracted this year, ASU included.) It was a maddening experience, both in watching the Sun Devils team plan and also the cable-access television quality of the broadcast.

If you don’t really know any of the details of Arizona State basketball then the lack of any substantial knowledge probably wasn’t as noticeable – it’s amazing how far only superficial knowledge will get you. But if you’ve spent even five minutes researching – or, say, had watched the team play the past two nights – then the lack of knowledge quickly becomes alarming.

And for those who haven’t spotted it walking down the block yet, the real estate hook is coming …

Hey Phoenix Real Estate Brokers: Is Minimal Training Too Much to Ask?

My broker-owners don’t like when I’m cynical about my fellow profe … er … agents, so I’m going to be nice and positive about this one. What real estate agents learn in real estate school helps them pass their exam and get licensed but has next to nothing to do with the actual day-to-day of […]

What Don Mattingly Taught Us About Real Estate This Week

Let’s set the scene for you … At Dodger Stadium on Tuesday night, Los Angeles Dodgers manager Joe Torre was ejected from the team’s game against the San Francisco Giants. Bench coach Bob Schaefer, the Dodgers’ second-in-command as it were, also had been ejected leaving batting coach Don Mattingly in charge of the team for […]

A Closer Look at the Repair Request

We’ve talked before about the inspection period as initiated by the Arizona Association of REALTORS Residential Resale Purchase Contract – the boilerplate calls for a 10-day inspection period but this can be shortened, lengthened or in some cases eliminated by what else is written in the contract or, in the case of a bank owned […]

Common Terms in Phoenix Real Estate

Do enough real estate transactions and it’s easy to forget the lingo we use here in Phoenix doesn’t necessarily translate for everyone. So here’s a quick guide to some of the most common terms you’re going to hear when buying Phoenix real estate: Earnest deposit: Essentially a good faith payment, the earnest deposit is delivered […]

Does A Buyer Need to Disclose Multiple Offers?

Saw this note buried inside the Realtor remarks on a listing yesterday: “If the buyer is making multiple offers, please disclose on a separate addendum.” The question is, does a buyer need to do so? It’s understandable why a seller would want to know whether a buyer is making offers on multiple properties, hoping that […]

Please Sign the Mandatory Sunshine Disclosure

The last three weeks have been sent converting the bankers’ boxes of files in my office into handy dandy PDF files that I can burn onto a CD and allow to accumulate dust. Staring at the mess, it’s hard not to wonder how many fewer boxes of soon-to-be recycled paper I would have if not […]

The Cure for What Goes Wrong Buying Phoenix Real Estate

When the new Arizona Association of REALTORS contract was issued back in May 2005, the most significant change was the introduction of cure periods and cure notices. In short, the cure period prevents either buyers or sellers from unilaterally canceling a contract at the first sign of trouble. If something that is supposed to be […]

What to Ask For on the Buyers Inspection Notice

There’s a local agent who I won’t name who once told me handles repair negotiations by handing over the inspection report and saying “fix it.” I’ve always assumed that’s a bit of an exaggeration but you never know. If you’re using the Arizona Association of REALTORS residential resale purchase contract, you have a 10-day inspection […]