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Phoenix Real Estate Appraisal Trends

I touched on this ever so briefly on my Memorial Day/VA loan post yesterday (and thank you to all who shared that one across the interwebs.) Some 17 months after the real estate market well and truly turned here in the Phoenix area, appraisers are catching up. I’ve had recent listings where we had no trouble getting a contract but the sellers and I were crossing any appendage we could think of in anticipation of the appraisal. On at least two of these occasions, I didn’t there there was a snowball’s chance in hell of getting the appraisal. And yet […]

FHA Home Buyers – The News is Getting Worse

Here’s a little known (dubious) fact … In the original script for Groundhog Day, the character played by Bill Murray was supposed to be an FHA appraiser, not a weatherman. The studios, however, felt it would be difficult for the public to relate to the all-too-real scenario of an FHA appraiser trapped forever in the past. Think it’s just fiction? Ask anyone trying to purchase a home in the Phoenix real estate market by using FHA financing whether the appraiser for their loan has any idea what year this is. From the Phoenix Business Journal this week … Median single-family home […]

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