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The Bachelorette Finale, Some Kind of Wonderful and the One that Got Away

Around these parts, I generally write a post when the new season of the Bachelor or Bachelorette begins, then return to life trying to pretend that I’m not the kind of mind who actually watches these shows in lieu of Top Gear. Never have I bothered with a post at the conclusion of the “amazing journey” but this season struck a chord with me, as I’m sure it would have struck a chord with anyone watching. We saw, on national television, the curse of the “one that got away.” All of us go through this at one point in time, […]

The Bachelorette and Phoenix Real Estate Circa 2009

Yes, dear readers, we’ve reached that time of year once again. Wasn’t in only January that we were “treated” to watching Sean the human Ken doll walk around with a shirt on as he started his journey for fame love? Be that as it may, we’re already back to see how dear, adorable not topless Desiree fairs as she’s presented with the task of finding a husband out of a group of 25 … um … well … I don’t know how to describe them, actually, except that at least a half-dozen are clones and another 10 are, for lack […]

Where the Bachelorette and Real Estate Collide

Yes, it’s May once again which means we’re off on another journey with The Bachelorette. Join us over the next two months as dear, sweet, “26” year old Emily sifts through 25 talking mannequins to find true love, a father for her daughter and someone with whom to fill a minivan with babies. It’s always good to know when the search becomes serious. In Emily’s case, it apparently came after she was done with her fiancee from The Bachelor, after she was done partying in Vegas with Hef’s ex Holly Madison and dating Carolina Panthers linebacker Jeremy Shockey. Not that I’m […]

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