The Bachelorette Finale, Some Kind of Wonderful and the One that Got Away

Around these parts, I generally write a post when the new season of the Bachelor or Bachelorette begins, then return to life trying to pretend that I’m not the kind of mind who actually watches these shows in lieu of Top Gear. Never have I bothered with a post at the conclusion of the “amazing […]

“I Wasn’t Going to Get Into the Bidding Game”

A week or so ago, the community section of the Arizona Republic wrote about home buyers here in Glendale (though it applies elsewhere) who found themselves caught off guard when the market turned from a buyer’s market to the current seller’s market which we now are in. They put in two other offers in the […]

Checking Average Electricity Bills in the Northwest Valley

As we churn through the 100-degree days of summer here in Phoenix, one common question buyers have is what the average electricity bill is going to be for a certain house? Thanks to the folks at Arizona Public Service, which provides power to most of Glendale, Peoria and the Northwest Valley, an answer is a […]

Costco Roadshows – No Eye Contact!

I spent three hours at Costco this afternoon. This in and of itself is not much different than the hundreds of other people who passed through the Glendale Costco off 83rd Avenue and Bell. What was different was I was selling real estate from a small table along the front walkway, hard by the portable […]