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Confession: I’m Not Writing that Many Real Estate Contracts

... at least, I don't seem to be writing nearly as many contracts as many of my peers here in the Phoenix real estate market. It's an embarrassing problem - maybe not men's erectile disfunction advertisement during football embarrassing - but still, it's hard not to feel a bit ... I don't know, inadequate. This isn't the kind of thing that's easy to admit. Go to happy hour and all you'll hear are agents talking about how many contracts they're writing. This is a short sale market, they say and I nod knowingly, or at least try my best to nod without giving away my hidden truth. Hell, even the most influential voice in the wired real estate world is writing multiple contracts all in an effort to secure a single property for his clients.

Life in the Southern Hemisphere, Sort Of

The toilets don’t drain the wrong direction and we’re not on the verge of summer here at All Phoenix Real headquarters, but we’re gearing up for the high season just as many real estate agents are getting ready for the long winter leading to 2011 and the year, in theory, the Phoenix real estate market may finally show solid signs of recovery. (Or not. Does anyone have a Mayan calendar that discusses this?) Unlike most agents, Tobey and I developed a niche in the retirement communities of the Phoenix real estate market; we concentrate mostly in the Northwest Valley […]

Investor Opportunity at Peoria’s Trilogy at Vistancia

I just received notice a few minutes ago that Shea Homes is planning to sell and leaseback its six model homes at Trilogy at Vistancia, a 55-plus active adult community in north Peoria. Sale prices will be determined within the next couple of weeks. Six floor plans are for sale: St. Tropez – backyard has a neighbor behind Monaco – common area behind the home Positano – golf course lot Genova – golf course lot Tarragona – golf course lot Cartegena – golf course lot Shea will leaseback the home for 5% of the purchase price, guaranteed for one year. […]

If You See a Smoking Deal …

Thus concludes most conversations I seem to have with prospective buyers these days. Working primarily in retirement communities is a decidedly different gig. Once buyers make up their mind the time has come to buy they generally move decisively and the transactions – usually cash deals – go smoothly. My business remains at the mercy of the economy though problems in the United States led to opportunities for buyers from Canada. And the expired Homebuyer Tax Credit which kept so many agents in the game was a non-factor then and its demise remains a non-factor for me now. On the […]

Out of Town and Looking for Phoenix Real Estate? Maybe Some Video Will Help

As anyone searching for a home can tell you, photographs often lie. From a real estate agent’s perspective, we prefer to think of selective, creative photography as accentuating the positive and, all in all, this is what is most likely to attract a buyer at least initially. Continued interest only comes, however, when a buyer realizes a given house really is in the condition indicated by the listing photos. Photographs may lie but videos are like truth serum … they’re almost impossible to improve drastically, they will expose both a properties greatest and worst aspects and any missing items stand […]

Running With the Pack

Welcome to sick day in the Dalton household. Not all the children are sick, mind you. The oldest one’s stomach was in full revolt and the two younger ones picked up on the vibe in no time flat. In comes the middle child in full zombie mode, sitting silently behind me hoping I’ll notice that he’s ill or at least faking it well. “What do you need?” I ask. “Nothing,” he says. “I’m just sitting because there’s nothing else to do.” Nothing being defined as XBOX360, Playstation 2, my laptop, the television with DirecTV, a book or … horror of […]

Looking to Purchase a Vacation Rental? Here’s Your Huckleberry

Yesterday during my weekly tour of East Valley bank owned properties listed by my company, I came across the below townhouse in Chandler’s Fulton Ranch subdivision. There’s a Pei Wei about a half-mile away so on that basis alone it has to be good, right? Here’s what was most striking about this two-level townhouse: That’s the view from the back patio. The only way you could be closer to the complex’s heated swimming pool is if you were laying on a raft in the middle of the water. And that, friends, is the type of location that often makes all […]

If You’re Looking to Own a Vacation Rental, Now is the Time to Buy

Though the vacation rental season in the Phoenix market is nearing its end, the months of April and May remain the time to buy a property to use as a vacation rental – especially if you’re looking to purchase in one of the area’s many retirement communities. Inventory thins substantially at the end of the spring as owners prepare for the summer exodus to the north and east. Fewer winter visitors means fewer friends in town, fewer renters debating whether this is the year in which they’ll finally buy and fewer buyers. In Westbrook Village, inventory levels that stay in […]

Projecting Anxiety on Furniture

Work enough in the retirement communities in Phoenix and you’ll inevitably run into the phrase “furniture available outside of escrow.” On the surface, it seems like a simple enough proposition – the seller doesn’t want their stuff, the buyer doesn’t need to buy new stuff and all can walk away happy. Except it rarely works that way because of the notion of projection – channeling the understandable anxiety over purchasing a home and projecting it onto what in reality is a much, much smaller purchase – the furniture. Some items automatically remain with the house, assuming the Arizona Association of […]

Representative Rental Rates and Home Costs in Phoenix Real Estate

We’re a little late getting back with the sample property prices to match the sample rents from a week or so ago. The same methodology applies … I went into the Arizona Regional MLS looking for single family detached homes with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths between 1,500 and 1,600 square feet without a pool. What you’re seeing is the low end of the price range for each community in the MLS. This should balance against situations where  the lowest priced home is thrashed. All of the data is culled from the MLS and leans toward the conservative so, as […]