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So You Want to Be a Sportswriter …

As anyone who reads this website regularly knows, I write free-lance articles for AP Sports and have for the past 20-plus years. It’s easier to list what I haven’t covered – Arizona State football and the Arizona Cardinals – than to list the events I have worked, ranging from the Phoenix Suns, Phoenix Coyotes and Arizona Diamondbacks to a rodeo where I discovered annoyed bulls about to be ridden pass gas when they leave the chute. All of my wife’s male co-workers, and some of the females as well, envy me because I have the opportunity to meet and talk […]

“We’d Rather Give the Buyers a Better Deal”

Confession time … I troll the real estate by owner listings in craigslist, not because I happen to be in the market for a place nor because craigslist is in any way, shape or form an ideal format for serious buyers to find a place (for reasons ranging from ads that make the old four-line newspaper ads seem verbose to the sheer volume of both spam and scam all over the site) but because I’m both looking for future listings and getting a few laughs along the way. I’ve puzzled over this particular listing since I first saw it yesterday […]

The Value of a Buyers Agent

Let’s puncture a couple of real estate myths today, shall we … Myth #1: I’ll get a better deal working directly with the listing agent There’s one obvious flaw with this train of thought – the listing agent doesn’t work for you, he or she works for the seller and is pledged to work in the sellers best interest. That best interest rarely translated into making sure the buyer gets a better deal. Every now and then these can intersect; some agents offer a discount off the seller’s commission should there not be another agent to whom a co-broke must […]

Some Costs of Selling Your Home as a FSBO

That picture above is an actual photograph of a home listed for sale in craigslist. Without getting too deep into a whole debate about political correctness – the world’s already coming to an end as we know it thanks to the p.c. police (brown bag, really?) – I think I can safely provide this piece of advice … take down your damned Confederate flag before you take the picture of your living room and put the home on the market. Could be the seller is one of those “I’m living my life my way” kinda folks, which often translates into […]

Do It Yourself Marketing

I’ll admit it … I use Zillow. Not to search for homes, mind you. But to look for potential clients. Folks who need the help of a professional real estate agent, even if they don’t happen to realize it. Marketing, as anyone who has watched Mad Men knows, is as much art as science. But there are some basic precepts that essentially are timeless. Sideways Works for Wine Movies, But Not Photos Because nothing attracts buyers more than the chance to live in a funhouse. Even Sideways Beats Nothing Because everyone loves a mystery. Capital Letters Equal Value This property […]

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