The Return of the Remorae: Flip a House in 30 Days

The remorae and hucksters are coming back to the Phoenix area next week, promising riches in the real estate market if you attend their one-day seminar on flipping houses. Learn how you, too, can flip houses in 30 days or less at a tremendous profit. “Did you know there are people flipping houses right down […]

When You Have $50K Burning a Hole in Your Pocket …

… and you’re looking to invest in the Phoenix real estate market, might I suggest not using it try and purchase a property in cash? I mention this because I received a pair of calls yesterday. One buyer’s maximum price point was $25,000, the other’s was $50,000. Consider this. The median sales price in the […]

Reasonable ROI Expectations in Phoenix Real Estate

The Phoenix real estate market remains as much myth as reality these days; the phones still ring with potential buyers who have heard foreclosures are “inexpensive” compared to regular homes and want to drop their cash into the market to purchase $20,000 properties that simply don’t exist. Though inventory has continued to rise over the […]

Real Estate Investors – Where to Look in Phoenix

As previously discussed, if you’re looking for a 10 percent net rent to sales price ratio, the Phoenix real estate market is not the right place for you. If you’re looking for a 10 percent gross rent to sales price ratio, we’re at least back into the realm of possibility though the opportunities are limited. […]

Real Estate Investing 101

Sorry, I’m not offering the course … I’m currently working my way through it. Though, to be fair to Jeff Brown (aka The Bawld Guy) of Brown & Brown Investments, his lessons are along the lines of Masters’ Level courses explained where even a curmudgeon like me can understand them. Like … The first coupla […]