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How Are You Spending Your Winter?

This weekend, I bought a chiminea … it was a purchase in lieu of a fire pit because it looked cooler, though apparently it’s not nearly as simple to use. (Thought the water was a bad idea, but not enough of one to stop the boy. Truth is, there wasn’t a gigantic need for a fire because it was about 60 degrees last night and that – not the chiminea – is the point of today’s post. Many of you reading this live in climes where 60 degrees in January either is a blissful dream or comes with a minus […]

Real Estate is an Illogical Profession

Commence minor venting/ There are some things in real estate that make little sense, the kind of things that bode well for inexperienced agents and make more experienced agents shake their head in complete wonderment. Back when I first started, I was hoping like hell no one would ask me how many homes I had sold because, frankly, the number was embarrassing. I was brand new, mind you, so without a ton of low-hanging fruit there was no way to have a high number, but still … I was inexperienced and I couldn’t escape that fact except through pure hustle […]

Exploding Some Marketing Myths

Normally, one of the very first things I do when I take a new listing priced about $75,000 is order professional photographs. But for a variety of reasons, I was delayed in getting them ordered for my new home for sale in Ventana Lakes. And in the end, it didn’t matter. Because the one thing even more important than professional photographs or smart listing syndication or any of the other dozens of marketing methods out there is having the right price on the listing. That one item on the checklist can beat your 200-point marketing plan every day of the […]

“I Don’t Like Any REALTORS Except My Own”

Fair enough. And not at all surprising, since nearly all the surveys in which real estate agents as a group are rated somewhere just this side of your average state politician or used car salesman, the caveat nearly always given is “except for my agent.” To be honest, I’m all for loyalty. It’s something that is in remarkably short supply in an industry where the prime qualification to be hired by someone isn’t necessarily the knowledge you have or the service you provide but rather your relation to a seller or buyers’ third cousin’s brother’s girlfriend’s hairdresser who sells part […]

New to the Market! Wait, Never Mind …

For all the talk of marketing, so much of what happens with a listing depends on market conditions. For instance … Usually, I build a single-property website with photographs and descriptions of the home. Usually, I’ll post the listing to Facebook and Twitter, just in case someone among the large circle of Facebook friends knows someone buying. Usually, I’ll make my listing a featured property on the front page of my website. Usually, I’ll get a pretty sign installed with a flyer box for passersby to get more information about the home. NEW: Since my brokerage auto-syndicates, I also un-syndicate […]

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