Ice Skating and Living in Downtown Phoenix

Imagine my surprise last week when, after a lunch at the Tilted Kilt in the Legends Entertainment District downtown, I happened upon an outdoor ice rink. In Phoenix. On a 75-degree day. Yes, Virginia … there are holiday miracles and for the second straight year this one exists at the corner of Jefferson and Central […]

Phoenix Vacation Rental to Be Waiting for a Buyer

Just take a moment and enjoy that view … Doesn’t necessarily seem like it’s Phoenix, does it? Rather than the mountains or ubiquitous cacti, imagine waking up with a view of the lush, verdant grounds of Phoenix’s Japanese Friendship Gardens. Contrast that with the view up north in the winter … ice where the water […]

The Mark Condominiums – Luxury in Old Town Scottsdale

What strikes you immediately as you step out onto the fourth floor swimming pool of The Mark Condominiums in Scottsdale is the view. Just beyond the water and the chairs and the plexiglass sits Camelback Mountain (named for its resemblance to, well, a camel’s back as it rests on the ground.) Similar views are available […]