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Politics and the Housing Market

Don’t worry. I’ll not be spending any time discussing, critiquing or otherwise devoting time to all that is happening in the world of United States politics. Well, except for this. We are in a time of great uncertainty. The stock markets soar and fade with every statement issued from Washington, every executive order. Much of the turbulence comes from speculation of what might happen versus the things that already taking place which, in many ways, makes the volatility even more sincere. For my Canadian readers, who can say which direction the US dollar will go in the coming months as […]

Confession of the Seemingly Lazy

So, for the two readers I had once upon a time, I feel the need to explain where I have been and why I don’t post all that frequency. Despite the cute title for the post, it’s not entirely out of abject laziness. Mostly, it’s been a keen interest in many things but none of those things have been the idea of writing about real estate. For instance, it’s been fascinating watching the political battles that have been going on for all this time, even if I’m fully convinced we’d be better off with a far shorter election cycle, a […]

Now That You Waited Too Long to Sell Your Home …

… and make no mistake, we’re entering into a much different market than we’ve seen here in the Phoenix area for the past couple of years as inventory continues to rise and sales are failing to keep pace, even if the slowing in sales is as much a seasonal effect than anything else. Last week, there were around 14,800 detached homes for sale in Maricopa County. As of this morning, there are 15,363 (and that doesn’t even include the folks from last Wednesday’s tale, who could – and should – have had their home on the market a week ago.) […]

A-Rod, Ryan Braun and Willful Denial

I didn’t want to believe it. Deep down, I absolutely new Ryan Braun got caught with his hand in the PED cookie jar but, when he escaped on a technicality, heart overrode head and I willfully chose to ignore the inconvenient truth that he really had gotten caught using performance enhancing drugs. Call it a Jewish thing. Braun is one a handful of Jewish players in the majors, albeit a non-practicing one, and ever since the days of Hank Greenberg my people have taken a close interest in any major leaguer who’s meshpuchah. There’s even a website dedicated to the […]

“I Wasn’t Going to Get Into the Bidding Game”

A week or so ago, the community section of the Arizona Republic wrote about home buyers here in Glendale (though it applies elsewhere) who found themselves caught off guard when the market turned from a buyer’s market to the current seller’s market which we now are in. They put in two other offers in the north Phoenix and Peoria area, but were outbid within a week for one and within a day for the other. They didn’t place counteroffers. “I wasn’t going to get into the bidding game,” Williams said. “It’s not worth it. There’s been no house that I’d […]

Phoenix Real Estate Market Forecast Depends on the Viewer

I’m in the midst of reading George RR Martin’s Songs of Fire and Ice, more commonly known as Game of Thrones thanks to the first novel and the HBO series, for the second time. And in the second book (as well as the second season) there is the emergence of the red comet, a comet so bright it can be seen in the daylight (although, oddly, it never seems to change position in the sky which is, of course, impossible.) Everyone who views the comet – from Daenerys to Catelyn Stark to Robb Stark to Joffrey Baratheon to the men […]

Two Year Window on Phoenix Real Estate Already Here

Interesting article from Bloomberg News yesterday about the state of the housing market. Blackstone Group, for those don’t know, has been heavily involved in purchasing bank owned and foreclosed homes, investing $1.5 billion this year. “Prices are starting to move faster,” said Jonathan Gray, global head of real estate for Blackstone, which has invested about $1.5 billion this year in foreclosed homes. “That’s one of the risks that emerge as more people like us get into the space and as individual homeowner confidence grows. Frankly, buying a home today is pretty compelling.” The opportunity for funds to buy homes at […]

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