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Confession of the Seemingly Lazy

So, for the two readers I had once upon a time, I feel the need to explain where I have been and why I don’t post all that frequency. Despite the cute title for the post, it’s not entirely out of abject laziness. Mostly, it’s been a keen interest in many things but none of those things have been the idea of writing about real estate. For instance, it’s been fascinating watching the political battles that have been going on for all this time, even if I’m fully convinced we’d be better off with a far shorter election cycle, a […]

State Marching Band Festivals and the Death of Arts Funding

There was a time, back when dinosaurs ruled the earth and yours truly was in high school, where the marching bands used to march several score strong. Naturally, there were exceptions; my mother and I still talk about the St. David marching band, all dozen and change of them, standing under a tree after their performance at the state marching band championships back in 1983. (And I still remember standing at the top of the stands at Mesa Community College, holding the hand of a Marcos de Niza clarinet player named Becky who I had met when we went to […]

The Most Revealing Real Estate Post in History

Nine years ago today, I activated my real estate license with the Arizona Department of Real Estate. That was a couple of months before the bubble struck, when you could sit inside a real estate course and hear the instructor and class debate whether it was a balanced market or a sellers’ market. Truth is, I’m not sure three-quarters of the people who were in my classes could find their way to a supermarket, much less identify real estate market conditions – all anxiety I had about my competence for this line of work disappeared when I saw folks who […]

Anniversary Week Continues …

One of the nice things of having one’s own website is I, quite frankly, can write whatever the hell I want. Generally speaking I keep it to real estate but, just as there’s more to me than just helping people buy and sell homes, I have more things to discuss than the fact inventory’s up 10 percent in the past month. For most of America, this is Shark Week. For us in the Dalton household, it’s anniversary week. Well, and Shark Week – to the delight of my spouse, who is scared to death of sharks and won’t step foot […]

Three Years and Counting Since the Odometer Rollback

The above picture is me at RE Bar Camp Phoenix in April 2010. It may not be readily apparent – I wasn’t aware at the time myself – but the man you see there was dying. About two weeks after REBCPhx I was at a board meeting for my synagogue – my last, as it turned out. We were arguing over something or another and I left. When I got to the car my chest was tight and I was incredibly out of breath. Given my girth, I thought little of it. Except it didn’t go away. I went to […]

Running Down the Laundry List

Far too many ideas in my head today, almost none of which justify an entire post … If you read us on RSS and your feed exploded this weekend with listings in Glendale, you have my apologies. I’ve gone back to an old programming friend here that turns listings into blog posts and only now added the code that should eliminate the listings from your RSS feed. If you’re still seeing them let me know. … Does anyone else watch Wicked Tuna? Every week I sit and shake my head as one fisherman talks about wanting to kick the other […]

Strolling Through a World of Unreality

All of us, at least I think all of us, have this odd sense of how quickly time seems to move. “Are you sure this is only Tuesday?” “I can’t believe it’s almost May.” “I can’t believe the year went by so quickly.” At the moment, though, I seem to be working through a period where the minutes, days, hours and weeks seem to dissolve into this rather hazy patchwork that seems more dream than reality. It’s been this way since my father passed away three weeks ago yesterday. “Has it only been three weeks?” In truth, I have felt […]

Inside a Truly Mad March

Let’s take the bass line for a walk and see where we end up, shall we? March always is a rather hectic month here at All Phoenix Real Estate headquarters for a number of reasons. First, having rooted a large part of my business in the active adult communities, February and March tend to be the busiest months I see for buyers coming into town and sellers getting their homes on the market. It’s somewhat stunning (and often frightening) how much of my income is generated in the first quarter of the fiscal year. Second, as a recovering journalism major […]

Surviving Election Day

Before I head over to Total Wine for the self-medication that will help me through what sure will be a long evening of election results, a couple of thoughts about what I would do to change the electoral process given the chance … 1) Standardized voting methods. There’s a video of a miswired machine in Pennsylvania that already has people howling. Say what you will about Arizona, but the methodology here (at least in Maricopa County) is simple. Take ballot. Pick up black felt marker. Fill in the gap to complete an arrow pointing at a name. Done. It ain’t […]

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