The Cheap and Easy Way to List Your Home in the Phoenix MLS

Here’s a recent theme on Trulia’s Q&A section, Trulia Voices: I won’t pay someone else after I do all the work. Do I have to pay a buyers agent for this? All the work, meaning paying for the marketing (whatever it may entail), providing photographs, running the open houses, etc. If you can do it, […]

Look! It’s got Dirt! And Power Lines!

Over time, I’ve made it abundantly clear that marketing a home for sale is not rocket science. Where some agents try to confuse matters with marketing plans running into the dozens or hundreds of bullet points, I don’t tend to break out every single tiny step to make it seem like I’m spending hundreds of […]

Holding Back the Deluge With Two Hands

Many, many years ago I was a writer for the Arizona Capitol Times in downtown Phoenix. Back in the mid-90s, during the relative infancy of the internet, the Capitol Times had a service named LOLA, which allowed subscribers access to every bill introduced, every amendment made and the votes on all. It was a concept […]

Sellers: Do You Know Your Agent’s Marketing?

So you decide to put your home on the market and hire a real estate professional to handle the marketing. Did you make sure to follow up and see what exactly the agent is doing to make your home stand out from the crowd? Or are simply trusting that the agent knows there are more […]

Arizona Regional MLS Backs Up to Correct AWC Confusion

AWC is dead. Long live UCB and the (relative) end of confusion about listing statuses. About seven-odd years ago, the old Under Contract – Backup offers only status disappeared in favor of Active With Contingencies, or AWC. And not just one AWC, but three different versions of the infernal creation: one when there was an […]

Phoenix Homes Search – Now on Facebook

In the ongoing effort to make it even easier for you to find homes for sale here in the Phoenix real estate market, I’ve now added the ability to search IDX listings from the Phoenix real estate market on Facebook. Simply stop by our All Phoenix Real Estate page and click on the MLS search […]

Bemis and Zillow – It’s Getting Harder Here in the Foxhole

Even as another client called last night and asked if I’d heard of this website called Zillow that seemed to have so many more listings than I was able to find, I remained determined to stay here in my foxhole, ignore as best I can the seemingly momentous (and possible less important) battle over listings […]

Poor Online Data, Rental Edition

Earlier this week I met a lovely couple at a home for rent in Litchfield Park. Not more than 10 steps into the home, they asked what the monthly rent was. $2,000 a month, I told them. That can’t be, they said, because Hotpads said the home was renting for $1,000 a month. We then […]

Of Redfin, Brad Meltzer, ESPN, MLS Data and the Freemasons

To gear up for this season’s debut of Brad Meltzer’s Decoded, I DVR’d last season’s episodes and spent a chunk of the weekend working my way through them. (It was the episode on Confederate Gold, that first caught my interest in the spring and led me to start reading his novels, some of which I’ve […]

A Picture’s Sometimes Worth a Half-Dozen Words

I saw these beauties from the Arizona Regional MLS this morning and had to share. Both of these are the primary photographs for these two homes for sale: “Agent can’t change camera’s default settings.” “Here’s one bedroom, extrapolate from here.” “Don’t get too close. We didn’t.” “Cute starter home, suitable for framing.” “Agent used to […]