Looking to Downsize Your Phoenix Real Estate?

Then clearly this is the house for you! That is the full size of the photograph in the Arizona Regional MLS. REO agents … I get it. You’re busy. Swamped, even. But is it too much to ask that you at least pretend that you give a damn? Thank you.

Rose Colored Glasses Included With this Scottsdale Home for Sale

Then again, that just may be redundant … Photo courtesy of the Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service

Phoenix Homes Listings Via the Ghost Box

On the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures, one of my more guilty pleasures, every now and then Zach and the boys will pull out the ghost box. In theory, entities from the other side are able to manipulate the box and form words which the computer then says for all to hear.

More often than not, the ghost box spits out random dipthongs which every now and then coincide with what the rest of us call words.

Judging from this listing in the Arizona Regional MLS, the ghost box also writes marketing copy for listing agents selling Phoenix homes:

Tis the Season to Write Some Checks, Fa La La La La La NAR AAR PAR

Let’s start with a brief aside, just so everyone knows they’re in the right place. Early this morning I awoke from a recurring dream. I was driving to the university to take my final exams, which would have been fine except I couldn’t remember having attended any of the classes. In fact, I couldn’t remember […]

Wikipedia, Zillow and Other “Reliable” Sources

I weep when my children need to look up a fact and head straight to Wikipedia. Because, oddly enough for a platform designed and maintained by the mob at large and editable by anyone, there are many so-called “facts” in Wikipedia that are nothing but. Yet Wikipedia is treated like the Encylopedia Brittanica these days (an encyclopedia is a bunch of books with actual facts in alphabetical order. And books, if you recall … oh, never mind.)

My position – if you rely on Wikipedia as your source of knowledge, you only have yourself to blame when it turns out your knowledge base is faulty.

In a similar vein, Brian Boero recently wrote on the 1000 Watt Consulting blog that “we” – meaning the real estate industry – need to do a better job about ensuring the accuracy of our online listings. No disagreement there. However, the example he chose to use was his fruitless effort to look at homes for sale on Zillow.com. It seems one home he saw listed for sale on Zillow actually sold a year ago. And the so-called neighborhood experts that appeared on Zillow, wonder of wonders, aren’t necessarily the neighborhood experts he knows but rather (brace yourselves) agents that paid for placement on the page.

Do It Yourself Real Estate and Phoenix Listing Statuses

This morning I woke to a new property inquiry from my home search waiting in my inbox. The prospective buyer indicated he wanted to see the property this evening; a quick check of the Arizona Regional MLS showed this was a short sale sitting in Active with Contingencies status. In other words, the seller’s already […]

Would a Statewide Arizona MLS Benefit the Consumer?

Once every two years, I go to Tucson for the annual Arizona State-Arizona football game. It’s a ritual that I’ve been following since 1990 when I first made the 120-mile drive and, with rare exceptions, these have been my only trips to Tucson. In fact, I can count on one hand the number of times […]

Answering Reader Mail

You gotta love it … here’s an actual e-mail I received earlier today. Hey buttmunch, when are you going to fix the pictures so they can be viewed as a slide show? Clicking on each thumbnail separately is ridiculous, and BUYERS will go elsewhere!!! Do I need to mention no name, phone number or e-mail […]

We Can’t See the Forest for the Technology

This afternoon a post from the GeekEstate Blog appeared in my feed reader – I can’t link to it because the link leads to a 404 message, which means either the post has been taken down, is future dated or there’s a bad link somewhere in the mix – though I wish I could if […]

The Truth Behind an IDX Feed

How many of you shop inside the convenience marts attached to gas stations? Apparently, far more than I ever really imagined if what I’ve seen at my in-laws’ ARCO station is accurate. Until I was looking at the numbers one day, I would have assumed that the gasoline was driving the station’s profit margin. Believe […]