What We Know and What We Feel

Real estate, no matter how you look at things, tends to be more art than science. It’s easy to try and draw conclusions based on what we can see in the market, such as the fact there are 16,214 detached homes for sale in Maricopa County where early in the summer there were roughly 9,000. […]

Phoenix Real Estate September 2013 Market Report

My pardons for how quiet it’s been but I’ve spent pretty much the past week (kidney) stoned and not much in the mood to write. Since I’ve been gone, inventory has continued to soar. As of the moment, we’re at 13,844 detached homes for sale in Maricopa County – that’s an increase of 7 percent […]

“The Foreclosure Deals are Long Gone.”

Such was the lament in yesterday’s Arizona Republic, an article that gained national play through USA Today (Gannett News Service owns both.) More than 100,000 houses stood vacant across metro Phoenix barely three years ago — roughly one of every 10. Today, it’s more like one out of every 100. Where have all the empty […]

More on the State of the Phoenix Real Estate Market

Nothing brings the amateur economists out of the woodwork like word that the Phoenix real estate market is starting slow down. Yep,,,, market hit saturation point in relation to incomes. Get ready for stagnant prices for the next 5-8 years… Oh and don’t forget, when you buy a home you are virtually in the hole […]

Homes for Sale in Phoenix are Spiking Higher

Inventory of homes for sale in the Phoenix real estate market is spiking higher by the day right now, causing the current rabid sellers’ market to calm down ever so slightly. As of the moment, there are 10,324 single-family detached homes for sale in Maricopa County. That’s still about 1,000 less than what we had […]

Phoenix Market Update – July 2013

It’s human nature … nobody wants to believe the good times are going to end. The Roaring 20s, with an economy built almost entirely on credit? What could possible go wrong? Troy? Forget what Cassandra has to say and pass the wine. The Roman Empire? Too big to fail. The honeymoon phase of any marriage […]

Phoenix Real Estate Market Forecast Depends on the Viewer

I’m in the midst of reading George RR Martin’s Songs of Fire and Ice, more commonly known as Game of Thrones thanks to the first novel and the HBO series, for the second time. And in the second book (as well as the second season) there is the emergence of the red comet, a comet […]

Phoenix Real Estate Market Report – June 2013

As usual, a little late but still worth taking a look. Oh, and there’s a special offer at the end of this bad boy so stick with it. Or scroll down. Whichever. Last month, there were 6,980 closed sales of single-family detached homes in Maricopa County as reported by the Arizona Regional MLS (data deemed […]

Phoenix Real Estate Market Report – April 2013

Okay, let’s run through some numbers. And, as always, all data is provided by the Arizona Regional MLS and is deemed reliable but not guaranteed … As of the moment there are 9,670 single-family detached homes for sale across Maricopa County; this figure has remained stable for the past handful of weeks. Last month, there […]

Can the Phoenix Real Estate Market Recovery Sustain Itself?

There have been a pair of articles of note of late, spelling doom for the national real estate housing market. The first comes from SeekingAlpha, where the downturn in existing home sales as reported by NAR has the author believing the bull market of the past year-plus is going to stall. I’m hard pressed to disagree, […]