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Common Sense, Trust and How Listings Really Work

Let’s start with a very basic concept. As a real estate agent, I’m in the sales business. There are some who prefer to soft sell the whole thing, say they are in service because for some reason the concept of being in sales makes them feel a little bit, I don’t know, dirty. But this isn’t a service position – I don’t get paid for providing service. I get paid for results, for selling homes. That’s it and that’s all. I mention that for two reasons. First, there’s yet another of the interminable debates going on in a real estate […]

Some Costs of Selling Your Home as a FSBO

That picture above is an actual photograph of a home listed for sale in craigslist. Without getting too deep into a whole debate about political correctness – the world’s already coming to an end as we know it thanks to the p.c. police (brown bag, really?) – I think I can safely provide this piece of advice … take down your damned Confederate flag before you take the picture of your living room and put the home on the market. Could be the seller is one of those “I’m living my life my way” kinda folks, which often translates into […]

Something About the Word Always

Earlier this week, a client of mine sent a property to me that he wanted to see this morning. I called the agent yesterday afternoon to set the appointment – the house isn’t on an electronic lockbox – and was heartened by the private remarks where the agent said she “was always available. And if I don’t answer I’ll call you back!” In fairness, she did call me yesterday … I was hip dialed and was the recipient of a four-minute message where I heard her television in the background. About the showing? Not so much. I called again this […]

Look! It’s got Dirt! And Power Lines!

Over time, I’ve made it abundantly clear that marketing a home for sale is not rocket science. Where some agents try to confuse matters with marketing plans running into the dozens or hundreds of bullet points, I don’t tend to break out every single tiny step to make it seem like I’m spending hundreds of hours in preparation to sell a home. If you need that much time, you probably don’t know what you’re doing. Speaking on not knowing what you’re doing, I tripped across the above photo in the MLS. Keep in mind, this is the primary photo for […]

It’s Less About the Real Estate than the Sunshine

Here’s the reality of selling real estate in any of Phoenix’s active adult and retirement communities: it’s not the property I’m selling but the sunshine and the lifestyle. That’s why, when I’m writing the description for any of my listings in these communities, I leave the nitty gritty of the property itself to the bullet points and instead utilize a Harlequin-esque spin to explain why this particular home should be your next home: This is how winter should be spent … relaxing on your extended patio under 70-degree skies with a golf course as your backyard, feeling the southern sun […]

Sellers: Do You Know Your Agent’s Marketing?

So you decide to put your home on the market and hire a real estate professional to handle the marketing. Did you make sure to follow up and see what exactly the agent is doing to make your home stand out from the crowd? Or are simply trusting that the agent knows there are more important things to a buyer than knowing there’s room to store a few boxes of Rice-A-Roni (photo courtesy of the Arizona Regional MLS) …   That’s it, folks. The only photo for the listing. Don’t let your pantry be exploited. Check out how we handle […]

Building a More Accurate Real Estate Reality

Real estate, as I have said many times, is a peculiar occupation. Very little of what a real estate agent does is particularly complicated … any homeowner can sell a house on their own, just as any buyer can purchase a home on their own without any assistance. Like most any other vocations, though, there are situations that constantly arise that can be solved best by someone who has been there before. It’s that experience and ability to guide a transaction from beginning to end that constitutes the majority of a real estate agent’s value. But that’s not what the public […]

“I Don’t Like Any REALTORS Except My Own”

Fair enough. And not at all surprising, since nearly all the surveys in which real estate agents as a group are rated somewhere just this side of your average state politician or used car salesman, the caveat nearly always given is “except for my agent.” To be honest, I’m all for loyalty. It’s something that is in remarkably short supply in an industry where the prime qualification to be hired by someone isn’t necessarily the knowledge you have or the service you provide but rather your relation to a seller or buyers’ third cousin’s brother’s girlfriend’s hairdresser who sells part […]

Close Up On a Major Marketing Fail

You’ve got to pity some sellers. Granted, they are the ones who choose their agents but you sometimes have to wonder if they really know what they’re signing up for when their agents tell them all the wonderful things they do for marketing. There’s one brokerage out here who has a specific, mandatory form that sings that praises of listing syndication because marketing is about “maximum exposure” and that the brokerage strong believes syndicating listings is a solid business practice. I wonder how they would explain this to their sellers, then: This bit of marketing stupidity does not come from […]

If I Had a Brain, I’d Be Dangerous

So, as you probably already know from prior posts, I’ve got a casita for sale in Westbrook Village. (Blatant plug: it remains the least expensive golf course property in Phase 2, which is Westbrook’s newer side.) As I drove up to meet with the owners, check out the new paint, install the lockbox and all the rest, I knew that I had sold a property on the same street a couple of years back though I couldn’t quite pinpoint which casita it was. Come this morning, as I looked through sold listings for my newly revamped Westbrook Village Real Estate […]

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