Introducing: ExpiredtoSoldAZ.Com

We often have a habit of making real estate market sound like rocket science – there are agents who talk about the 100-odd steps they follow on every new listing, which at least to me sounds more like the crew of Apollo 13 working their way through the re-entry procedures than the relatively basic act […]

New to the Market! Wait, Never Mind …

For all the talk of marketing, so much of what happens with a listing depends on market conditions. For instance … Usually, I build a single-property website with photographs and descriptions of the home. Usually, I’ll post the listing to Facebook and Twitter, just in case someone among the large circle of Facebook friends knows […]

Once Upon a Time, There was Transparency

Before we get too far … 7,920 detached homes for sale in Maricopa County as of the moment; more details available over here. As for the main thrust of the post, to be honest, I’m not quite sure who the target audience may be as it’s a subject that, at least back in the days […]

And in Other News, the Sky’s Still Blue

That little vein is starting to throb in the center of my forehead, which means there must be another article out there touting a company stating the obvious. Yep, here it is … Product Manager for Statistics and Trends at Redfin, Tim Ellis wrote, “Apparently every weekend is open-house weekend in San Francisco. In fact, […]

It’s the Same Old Song But You Don’t Hear the Real Tune

The calls always start off about the same way … “would you like some more business?” I’ve gotten quite used to answering that question in the negative, not because it’s true but because, as my dear friend Teresa Boardman pointed out, the sales monkeys sitting in the boiler rooms have no idea what to do […]

A Blog Day Without Snark, Doom or Hysteria

Twitter usually explodes during these events; today, the only two items of note I saw were the unexpected appearance of Jay Thompson (less than a week after a heart attack and a couple of stint insertions) and the statistically accurate and largely irrelevant note that 60 percent of all people using Zillow aren’t working with […]

Going Back to the Beginning

Once upon a time, there was a new real estate agent who had little idea what he wanted to do for marketing. And there was a beagle named Tobey. Over the years, Tobey has been faded further into the background as I’ve sought a quote-unquote more professional look to the site, though once I figure […]

No, I Didn’t List Your House for Sale on Zillow. Here’s Why.

If you really want the most money possible for your home in the shortest time possible, gaining marketing exposure far beyond even what Zillow may promise, click here instead. It’s no coincidence the vast majority of my listings are selling in a couple of weeks and not months. But if you’re okay settling for the far fewer potential eyeballs […]

Syndicated Listings and Selling Myths

Before you chalk this post up to so-called inside baseball, consider this. You or someone you love likely has used or will use Trulia, Zillow or Realtor.Com to search for homes in the belief you are getting an accurate view of the local real estate market. Sadly, that’s not at all the case – not […]

2011 In Pictures

With a sincere thanks to all of my clients in 2011 and well wishes for 2012 for all!