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Rome is On Fire, Have You Seen My Fiddle?

There are moments when I truly wonder what I’m doing in a profession filled with the short-sighted, the kind of people who by and large are content to grab some graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows as they watch the world burn. From a Facebook conversation … “Do you work at Zillow?” “Why yes, yes I do. I’ve been there for three whole days.” “I *LOVE* that web site! My husband and I use it all the time. We’re looking for a home in Wilmington, Delaware.” “Awesome, thanks for visiting! What do you like about the site?” “We think we’ve found […]

No, I Didn’t List Your House for Sale on Zillow. Here’s Why.

If you really want the most money possible for your home in the shortest time possible, gaining marketing exposure far beyond even what Zillow may promise, click here instead. It’s no coincidence the vast majority of my listings are selling in a couple of weeks and not months. But if you’re okay settling for the far fewer potential eyeballs Zillow will attract and far more time spent on the market rather than moving forward, just click here and then on the Zillow icon at the top left. And with that, I invite you to read on … * * * UPDATE – September ’13: Since writing […]

Everything I Need to Know About Real Estate I Learned at the Oscars

Imagine that … a silent movie won Best Picture in 2012, the first time that’s happened since the very first Academy Awards more than eight decades ago. No 3-D effects. No CGI. No puppets. No huge explosions. No aliens. No two-part finale gimmick. No big-name actors and actresses (at least in this country.) Simply story, plot, scoring, cinematography and a damn cute dog. And it won in the midst of a society that, as Billy Crystal joked, pulls out their iPad if they want to view something on the “big screen.” Those basics still matter. The basics matter in real […]

In Other News, The Sun Rose in the East This Morning

Those in other markets may be familiar with a little outfit called Redfin. Okay, so it’s not really a little outfit – when you suck down millions in venture capital to get rolling, you’d best not be all that little. In keeping with this year’s election-centric focus, Redfin is to real estate what third-party presidential challenges have been to politics: a new concept eventually ground into the pavement by the realities of the existing system. Or, put another way, a solution that was in need of a problem. Once upon a time in the Northwest, Redfin put together a snappy […]

Another Happy Client Using Trulia as a Listings Search

Happened across this one last night … Is this property still available? When can it be shown if so? Please email me.. And here’s the link to the property. Hello Brandon. Unfortunately, that property is SOLD. It was a HUD home, and it closed on 6/28/11 for $153,000. Trulia and Zillow are great for MANY things, such as property and neighborhood research and statistics, BUT…they fall short in updating the status of the homes listed on their websites. They don’t update them often enough and this leads to properties appearing to still be available, when in fact they have been […]

Developing Glendale’s First Tollway

I live a few blocks south of Cactus High School in Glendale. When you exit the high school onto Greenway Road, the median prevents anyone from turning east onto Greenway – everyone has to turn west. On the first street past the median, 66th Avenue, there is a large sign on the right shoulder – No U-Turns allowed. There’s a similar sign at the next intersection on 66th Drive. If you turn onto 66th Avenue, there are two more signs at Caribbean and Acapulco. Every day, these signs are ignored. One day, in fact, I watched in amazement as some lady […]

The Final Word on Poor Syndicated Listings Data

This was a portion of a comment left on my broker’s blog this morning: We turn off all non-mls syndication and for the most part my listing data is accurate on most every site with listhub. Trulia even alerts me now when there is conflicting data. I think the accuracy argument is losing steam as MLS boards and other advocates are correcting that issue. Since he mentioned Trulia, I repeated yesterday’s search in Sonoran Mountain Ranch on Trulia this morning: 25 non-new construction homes “for sale” 13 of the 25  are actively for sale per the MLS 12 of the […]

IDX, Listings Syndication and How the Consumer is Being Disadvantaged

I’m going to carry the current internecine real estate debate about the syndication of listings to third-party sites such as Zillow and Trulia home to your door step. If you ever have used one of these sites to search for homes, or if you know anyone who ever has done so, you absolutely must make sure you read this. That there are data errors throughout sites such as Zillow is evident – when there are two to three times as many homes listed for sale by agent as are showing for sale in the MLS, there’s a problem. But sometimes […]

Horton Hears a Real Estate Blogger

Perspective always is a good thing to have. Perspective is the one thing that makes it exceedingly difficult for me to be merely a sports fan in the stands after a quarter of a century in the press boxes. Perspective is knowing I don’t watch The Bachelor religiously and read Kristen Baldwin’s hilarious recaps on Entertainment Weekly because I believe true love is in the air. Rather, it’s the perverse enjoyment of watching a weekly 120-minute train wreck. Perspective is knowing it doesn’t matter how many comments I receive here or whether I’m considered one of the cool kids of […]

Syndicated Listings and Selling Myths

Before you chalk this post up to so-called inside baseball, consider this. You or someone you love likely has used or will use Trulia, Zillow or Realtor.Com to search for homes in the belief you are getting an accurate view of the local real estate market. Sadly, that’s not at all the case – not that any of those sites ever will admit it. This should matter to you as a consumer; whether it does is your call. If you are the type who prefers to be dazzled by rainbows and ladybugs while ignoring what really does make things happen, […]

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