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Beware the Latest Investor Scam …

Oddly enough, as all of this unraveled yesterday,  I couldn’t help but think of those sellers going it alone right now who have no idea what’s out there waiting for them in the current Phoenix real estate market. Hell, I’ve been in the business for nine years and didn’t start to become concerned until a few days in. But let’s not skip ahead. Home for sale in El Mirage and we receive a cash offer for $4,000 below asking but clean as a whistle with a 14-day close. Buyers have their inspection performed the very next day and wire the […]

Some Costs of Selling Your Home as a FSBO

That picture above is an actual photograph of a home listed for sale in craigslist. Without getting too deep into a whole debate about political correctness – the world’s already coming to an end as we know it thanks to the p.c. police (brown bag, really?) – I think I can safely provide this piece of advice … take down your damned Confederate flag before you take the picture of your living room and put the home on the market. Could be the seller is one of those “I’m living my life my way” kinda folks, which often translates into […]

The Cheap and Easy Way to List Your Home in the Phoenix MLS

Here’s a recent theme on Trulia’s Q&A section, Trulia Voices: I won’t pay someone else after I do all the work. Do I have to pay a buyers agent for this? All the work, meaning paying for the marketing (whatever it may entail), providing photographs, running the open houses, etc. If you can do it, by all means go for it. You’ll just be doing it without the MLS … unless you “list” your home with a flat-rate company, which will charge you a – guess what – flat rate to place your home on the local MLS. Except there’s […]

How to List Your Phoenix Home for Sale on Zillow

  Every day like clockwork, someone comes to my website looking for information on how to list their home for sale on Zillow. (The irony of someone who doesn’t want to use an agent using an agent’s website to find out how to use a free platform amuses me, but that’s another story.) It’s a rather simple process: Go to Zillow Set up an account Type in your address and claim your home Click on “post for sale” That’s all there is to it. But – and you knew there had to be a but – now that I’ve told […]

Quick Tip for Peoria AZ Sellers – VIDEO

It’s hot, mom had appointments and so did Tobey. So I’ll talk about Friday’s ridiculous jump in interest rates tomorrow, and for today leave you with a quick tip about how to prepare your home for sale. And, by the way, if you’re looking to sell for the highest possible dollar amount in the shortest amount of time, click here TODAY and get your free marketing kit before the Fed and/or the economy does something else to slow the market’s year-long roll.

Look! It’s got Dirt! And Power Lines!

Over time, I’ve made it abundantly clear that marketing a home for sale is not rocket science. Where some agents try to confuse matters with marketing plans running into the dozens or hundreds of bullet points, I don’t tend to break out every single tiny step to make it seem like I’m spending hundreds of hours in preparation to sell a home. If you need that much time, you probably don’t know what you’re doing. Speaking on not knowing what you’re doing, I tripped across the above photo in the MLS. Keep in mind, this is the primary photo for […]

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