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The Most Popular Home for Sale on Sandra Terrace

Okay, I actually can’t quite back that one up. But I can tell you, the listing below has been viewed a couple dozen times today alone on this site, which means this short sale seems to be sticking in people’s minds. What’s interesting is this activity’s coming in what has been a somewhat slower market, at least slower than we’ve seen over the past couple of summers. Of course, if you have the right house at the right time and the right price … anything is possible. For those looking for something along the Greenway Parkway and 7th Street, scroll […]

Gearing Up for the Next Short Sale

In about an hour I’ll be heading up to Stetson Valley (not an actual valley, just a subdivision on the north end of the real Valley … which actually is a basin … but let’s not get into that today, okay? Okay) to take some preliminary photographs and set a price on a new short sale in Stetson’s patio home section. There is zero chance I will not have the place under contract quickly. In fact, there’s virtually zero chance I won’t have electronic stacks of offers in my Inbox within 48 hours of entering the home into the MLS. […]

2007 Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relieft Act Gets Extended

In the wee hours of the night in Washington, the House of Representatives voted to maintain the status quo as it had been a mere 22 hours earlier. Skipping happily past the pitfalls of political debate here, one helpful part of the status quo was the extension of the Mortgage Forgiveness Act, which had helped protect homeowners who need to sell via a short sale from being hammered for phantom taxable income. Whether this really matters here in Arizona is debatable, regardless of what you may read elsewhere. In theory, since this is a non-recourse state (your primary lender can’t […]

Racing Short Sales to the End of the World

So many questions enter a person’s mind when they consider the world’s supposed to come to an end in a couple of days … Does it matter if I cover the plants tonight for the freeze warning when they’re going to be thawed and incinerated on Friday? Was it a wise idea to but that McLaren with the idea to drive it as hard as possible for two days and not have to worry about payments? Zero down, same as cash as we all turn to ash!! Is it worth taking the time to wrap those last Christmas presents in […]

Short Sales, Foreclosures and a Sense of Urgency

Saturday afternoon I received a call from someone facing an impending foreclosure who wanted details about a short sale. “Should I contact the lender,” he asked. “Absolutely,” I said. And by the way, when is the trustee’s sale scheduled? “Thursday.” As in, this Thursday. As in five days away. And the seller just now was trying to figure out whether to short sell, file bankruptcy or just surrender. The saddest part of all? He’s not alone. Far too many people ignore the problem for as long as they possibly can and only when it’s all to clear that their house […]

Big Short Sale News from B of A

Today in the inbox was a new message from Bank of America about its Short Sale Relocation Assistance Program. The long and short of it is qualifying sellers can apply to get their short sale through B of A pre-approved. If they go through the program and satisfy all the requirements, they could receive anywhere from $5,000 to $30,000 at the close (though these monies could be used to satisfy a second loan rather than going directly to the seller, depending on circumstances.) This program works similarly to the Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative program; in fact, the up to $3,000 […]

B of A Short Sale – The End Game is Here

This morning I awoke to blessedly overcast skies and, even better, a short sale approval letter from Bank of America in my inbox. When I first met with my seller back in July, he fully expected to be on the hook for the home equity line of credit he had taken against the house – a not-so-small five-figure total. At the time, I told him we needed to include it in the short sale for two reasons – one, at worst the HELOC would need to be converted into a different type of loan because the house would no longer […]

B of A Short Sale Timelines

For those wondering just how long their short sale might take, here’s the timeframes straight from the mouths of Bank of America (click for the larger version): If you have an FHA or VA loan, or if you’re applying through the Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative (HAFA) program, the above timeline isn’t going to apply to your particular situation. If you have two loans and B of A is the primary, there also can be some deviation as there’s a second lender to take into consideration. For the most part, however, the time involved is going to depend on two factors: […]

Inside a B of A Short Sale: The Game is Afoot

Here’s where short sales become fun, at least from an agent’s standpoint. On July 12, I put 3205 W Buckhorn Drive in Phoenix on the market. Within four days, it was under contract. On July 18, the short sale package and signed contract were sent to Bank of America. Within the week, the BPO (broker price opinion – akin to an appraisal without being an appraisal, performed by a real estate agent) was ordered and complete. The past 10 days has been spent working through details – whether the hardship was unemployment or underemployment, a date on the hardship letter […]

Inside a B of A Short Sale: A Trail By Any Other Name

Quick … what’s your street address? Humor me and say it out loud. Now, do you live on a Street or a St, an Avenue or an Ave, a Drive or a Dr, a Lane or a Ln? I’m pretty sure you’ll say the former, unless of course you’re addressing something in which case you’ll use the latter in an effort to make the US Postal Service happy. Essentially, the actual word and the abbreviation are interchangeable; they are one and the same without question. Unless … Bank of America’s short sale department has many quirks. No bank spends as […]

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