The Problem With Truth

Ask most people what their number one negative perception of real estate agents might be and the answer almost always come back to the question of honesty. We, as a profession, tend to work on commission, so the assumption goes that we will say or do almost anything to make sure a deal gets done and […]

The Most Popular Home for Sale on Sandra Terrace

Okay, I actually can’t quite back that one up. But I can tell you, the listing below has been viewed a couple dozen times today alone on this site, which means this short sale seems to be sticking in people’s minds. What’s interesting is this activity’s coming in what has been a somewhat slower market, […]

Marking Milestones Big and Small

Let’s start with the somewhat less earth-shattering milestones … 1) Next week will mark a decade since I passed the state real estate exam and became a real, by-God practicing real estate agent. For the first nine-plus years I was selling full-time; the last nine months have been spent as a so-called rainmaker. You contact […]

The Limits of Trulia

Much as you shouldn’t be surprised of the result if you decide to wear a meat suit into the shark tank at Sea World, you also shouldn’t be surprised at the responses that come in when you ask a question on an open forum like Trulia Voices. For every agent out there who honestly wants […]

FHA Throws Lifeline to Would Be Buyers With Short Sales and Foreclosures

Yesterday, FHA announced that it was cutting the timeframes which some qualified would-be buyers who had gone through a short sale, foreclosure or bankruptcy would have to wait before purchasing another home. “FHA recognizes the hardships faced by these borrowers, and realizes that their credit histories may not fully reflect their true ability or propensity […]

The Value of a Buyers Agent

Let’s puncture a couple of real estate myths today, shall we … Myth #1: I’ll get a better deal working directly with the listing agent There’s one obvious flaw with this train of thought – the listing agent doesn’t work for you, he or she works for the seller and is pledged to work in […]

When You Have $50K Burning a Hole in Your Pocket …

… and you’re looking to invest in the Phoenix real estate market, might I suggest not using it try and purchase a property in cash? I mention this because I received a pair of calls yesterday. One buyer’s maximum price point was $25,000, the other’s was $50,000. Consider this. The median sales price in the […]

If You’re Using Neighbor City to Find a Phoenix Home, Think Again

In the effort to not contact a real estate agent directly, it seems buyers will go to any length to search for homes. Take, for example, those folks who go to Neighbor, which scrapes MLS data and sells leads from those scraped listings to participating agents for a referral fee. The site tells you […]

When Does a Buyer Need to Sign Loan Docs

From the inbox this morning … “If loan docs are not signed three days prior to close of escrow, can the seller cancel the contract?” Ah, yes … you can can feel the love brought on by a strong seller’s market, can’t you? In any event, let’s start with the disclaimer that I’m not a […]

Phoenix Real Estate Appraisal Trends

I touched on this ever so briefly on my Memorial Day/VA loan post yesterday (and thank you to all who shared that one across the interwebs.) Some 17 months after the real estate market well and truly turned here in the Phoenix area, appraisers are catching up. I’ve had recent listings where we had no […]