The Problem With Truth

Ask most people what their number one negative perception of real estate agents might be and the answer almost always come back to the question of honesty.¬†We, as a profession, tend to work on commission, so the assumption goes that we will say or do almost anything to make sure a deal gets done and […]

The Limits of Trulia

Much as you shouldn’t be surprised of the result if you decide to wear a meat suit into the shark tank at Sea World, you also shouldn’t be surprised at the responses that come in when you ask a question on an open forum like Trulia Voices. For every agent out there who honestly wants […]

What the Wisconsin Badgers Can Teach Home Sellers

Let’s set the scene … Wisconsin at Arizona State this past Saturday, Sun Devils clinging to a two-point lead thanks to some questionable play-calling from the bench, the Badgers driving easily into field-goal territory for what should be the game-winning kick. Joel Stave, the Wisconsin quarterback, takes a snap with 18 seconds remaining and runs […]

So You Want to Be a Sportswriter …

As anyone who reads this website regularly knows, I write free-lance articles for AP Sports and have for the past 20-plus years. It’s easier to list what I haven’t covered – Arizona State football and the Arizona Cardinals – than to list the events I have worked, ranging from the Phoenix Suns, Phoenix Coyotes and […]

“We’d Rather Give the Buyers a Better Deal”

Confession time … I troll the real estate by owner listings in craigslist, not because I happen to be in the market for a place nor because craigslist is in any way, shape or form an ideal format for serious buyers to find a place (for reasons ranging from ads that make the old four-line […]

Phoenix Real Estate Inventory Now Above 11,000

So when is the opportune moment here in the Phoenix real estate market? I think it depends largely on what you’re trying to accomplish. As of this morning, there are 11,108 detached homes for sale across Maricopa County. That’s a mere pittance when you consider the county is the size of New Jersey, but it’s […]

Quick Tip for Peoria AZ Sellers – VIDEO

It’s hot, mom had appointments and so did Tobey. So I’ll talk about Friday’s ridiculous jump in interest rates tomorrow, and for today leave you with a quick tip about how to prepare your home for sale. And, by the way, if you’re looking to sell for the highest possible dollar amount in the shortest […]

So As You Watch Your Roof Melt …

It’s too damned hot for me to put together a post of my own, especially as I’m one of those fools without a swimming pool. So I’m turning things over to the Phoenix Roofing Team for the day: Courtesy of: Phoenix Roofing Team

When Does a Buyer Need to Sign Loan Docs

From the inbox this morning … “If loan docs are not signed three days prior to close of escrow, can the seller cancel the contract?” Ah, yes … you can can feel the love brought on by a strong seller’s market, can’t you? In any event, let’s start with the disclaimer that I’m not a […]

Something About the Word Always

Earlier this week, a client of mine sent a property to me that he wanted to see this morning. I called the agent yesterday afternoon to set the appointment – the house isn’t on an electronic lockbox – and was heartened by the private remarks where the agent said she “was always available. And if […]