Can the Phoenix Real Estate Market Recovery Sustain Itself?

There have been a pair of articles of note of late, spelling doom for the national real estate housing market. The first comes from SeekingAlpha, where the downturn in existing home sales as reported by NAR has the author believing the bull market of the past year-plus is going to stall. I’m hard pressed to disagree, […]

Do It Yourself Marketing

I’ll admit it … I use Zillow. Not to search for homes, mind you. But to look for potential clients. Folks who need the help of a professional real estate agent, even if they don’t happen to realize it. Marketing, as anyone who has watched Mad Men knows, is as much art as science. But […]

Echoes of 2005 in the Phoenix Real Estate Market

Nothing says sellers’ market arrogance like this, seen on a pair of listings this morning: Inasumch as appraisals often lag actual market value, seller requires any non-cash offer to pay the difference between the sales price and the appraised value. Sounds much like the common note on listings during the 2005 bubble, that the seller […]

It’s Less About the Real Estate than the Sunshine

Here’s the reality of selling real estate in any of Phoenix’s active adult and retirement communities: it’s not the property I’m selling but the sunshine and the lifestyle. That’s why, when I’m writing the description for any of my listings in these communities, I leave the nitty gritty of the property itself to the bullet […]

Accepting the New Old Normal as Normal

I found myself banging my head against the steering wheel the other day while listening to ESPN Radio. There’s always the internal debate of whether the sports talk radio hosts really believe what they’re saying or are just trying to fill air time – I often hope for the latter – but the sheer stupidity […]

It’s that Time Again, Readers … The Semi-Annual Bachelor Post Returns

To be honest, watching the previews, I wasn’t certain I could deal with yet another season of The Bachelor. We’re officially into territory where the script is repeating itself in extremely painful ways, almost as if the women who are on this show have never watched a prior episode. To whit … Don’t be the […]

2007 Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relieft Act Gets Extended

In the wee hours of the night in Washington, the House of Representatives voted to maintain the status quo as it had been a mere 22 hours earlier. Skipping happily past the pitfalls of political debate here, one helpful part of the status quo was the extension of the Mortgage Forgiveness Act, which had helped […]

Your Agent Wants a Six Month Listing? Seriously?

This was a dinosaur I thought long extinct, particularly in what has been one of the most active real estate markets in the nation. Yet yesterday I spoke to a former client, who listed with a friend of the family as seems to happen far too often, who signed a six-month listing agreement with the […]

2012: The Year in Pictures

From switching brokerages to adding a second buyers’ agent to watching values start to climb, it’s been a remarkable year. Oh, and there were quite a few buyers and sellers helped along the way …

Building a More Accurate Real Estate Reality

Real estate, as I have said many times, is a peculiar occupation. Very little of what a real estate agent does is particularly complicated … any homeowner can sell a house on their own, just as any buyer can purchase a home on their own without any assistance. Like most any other vocations, though, there are […]