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Zillow and Trulia evils

Zillow vs Trulia vs AutoTrader.Com

Yes, yes … I know I owe you market stats for April but those are being pushed back by this breaking news. No, not that Zillow stock shares got crushed yesterday when the company posted a loss for the quarter. No, not that Trulia acquired Market Leader (which, so it seems sells leads to gullible agents) which also gives them ownership of the real estate blogging network Active Rain (which seems to be the home base for gullible agents who think AR is their best friend and not a business.) This is even better. It appears that Zillow’s strategy for […]

More Flawed Logic from the Pro-Zillow Camp

I know, I’m getting away from regular programming but suddenly I feel like I’m at the 1995 Source Awards. Dean’s a good friend of mine but his logic in embracing the beauty of Zestimates is horribly flawed. Perhaps it’s because the owner of his brokerage (and my former brokerage) works for Zillow and he’s toeing the disappearing line between the two. I’m just not certain. Often a new buyer and I will be sitting down in our buyers consultation and I will discuss if they have been looking at houses. Often many of them have been looking on Zillow. Zillow now […]

Frivolous Lawsuits, Real Estate Division: Zestimates vs. Estimates

Word came down yesterday that Zillow, purveyors of remarkably inaccurate home valuations (not even going near the mythological listings lest I have to hear again that it’s not their fault) has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Trulia, recent purveyors of equally inaccurate home valuations. It seems Zillow is less than thrilled that another company has attempted to gain a toehold in the consumer-unfriendly world of fantastically wrong valuation data. It also seems that I should have applied for a patent on the random number generation program I wrote on my Texas Instruments home computer back in 1986 … if […]

The Trouble With Zestimates and Zillowconomics

Few things tickle my rather dark and twisted funny bone like announcements like these from Zillow’s “Chief Economist” when discussing the nation’s hottest buyers and sellers markets. Here’s where the fun is … Zillow analyzed data on sale-to-list price ratio, number of days listings spent on Zillow and percent of homes on the market with a price cut, and ranked the 50 largest metro areas to determine whether buyers or sellers have more negotiating power in a given market. So, in short, if a house isn’t on Zillow then it doesn’t exist for purposes of Zillow’s “Chief Economist”. To me, […]

Phoenix Makes the Good List on TheStreet.Com

For the past few years, ever since the real estate market collapsed in late 2005/early 2006, it was de rigeur for the Phoenix real estate market to make all the kinds of lists that homeowners wouldn’t want to see – highest foreclosure rates, largest drops in value, most homeowners underwater. So it’s rather nice to see the trend reverse. Median Phoenix/Mesa median list prices are up 27% over the past year to $164,900 — the biggest percentage jump in any of the 146 markets covers. Available listings have also plunged 48%, to 17,158, while median time on market is down […]

Explain This to Me, Public Consumer Type People

Could someone please explain this to me? Zillow, the advertising site that happens to have (wildly inaccurate) real estate listings and other (equally fantastic) real estate information, readily admits on its own site that the Zestimates it provides on properties should not be regarded as accurate valuations. Wait … Zillow doesn’t just admit it such a thing. Zillow provides a chart to show the public just how inaccurate it is in different markets across the country … So … here in the Phoenix market, according to Zillow’s own numbers, 72.4 percent of all homes for which there is a Zestimate […]

Once Upon a Time, There was Transparency

Before we get too far … 7,920 detached homes for sale in Maricopa County as of the moment; more details available over here. As for the main thrust of the post, to be honest, I’m not quite sure who the target audience may be as it’s a subject that, at least back in the days when real estate blogging started, was at the forefront of what we writing real estate professionals were doing to help educate the buying and selling public. Back before there were social media gurus and REBarCamps, before there was Twitter and Pinterest, before iPhones and iPads […]

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