“The Couch” – Write Your Own Caption

avatarthumbnail.jpgBrief backstory: my wife and I were out today taking photographs of different Scottsdale lofts and luxury condominium complexes for a new project of mine. We were poolside at the Third Avenue Lofts in Old Town Scottsdale when my wife turned to her right and discovered … “the couch.”

Tucked away in a secluded corner (or what would be secluded if there weren’t dozens of lofts whose windows faced “the couch,” we kept waiting for Barry White’s greatest hits to start playing from hidden speakers.

“The Couch” has left me nearly speechless. I almost can see it on a movie theater screen during the commercials … soft music and then the slogan …

 “When Tequila Makes the Elevator Too Steep a Climb …”


“Third Avenue Lofts … Where Your Family Begins.”

Insufficient to capture the wonder that is “the couch?” Then write your own caption in the comments below … and remember, this is a more or less family-friendly real estate blog.

Third Avenue Lofts, Scottsdale Arizona

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Jonathan Dalton

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