The Joy of Broken Technology

avatarthumbnail.jpgThere’s a story I heard long ago in a press box about the only known death of Radio Shack’s TRS-80 (and by extension the “Trash” 100 – the third computer I owned and my first laptop, such that it was).

It’s more than likely apocryphal, but the story goes that a sportswriter in Atlanta flummoxed by his deadline caused his TRS-80 to stop working when he flung it out the open window of the press box at Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium.

It’s times like this that I miss my Trash 100.

You see, my Trash 100 understood that when I couldn’t connect after repeated attempts I was more than likely going to slap the keyboard. It didn’t take it personally … after all, it was a royal pain to connect to a modem using those old suction cups attached to a phone’s receiver.

Sadly, my current laptop is a little more sensitive. So when the wireless connection at Maryvale Stadium failed last Saturday as I tried filing a story from my sixth spring training game in the past eight days and the Associated Press software also decided to take the day off, I pressed the enter button about seven times and slapped the keyboard.

I’m pretty sure you can guess the result. Which is why while I’m writing this I’m also trying to get into the recovery console on my laptop, having procured a Windows XP CD, in hopes of bringing the bad boy back to life.

(Anyone out there remember the C: prompt? Yeah, loads of fun. And the basis of another post when I can’t think of any other real estate analogies.)

Fortunately, my real estate contact management software resides on my desktop and not my laptop so that was safe … at least until this morning when I pressed a button too fast and fell victim to a hidden window that locked the program. And instead of stopping the program the safer way, from the application side of the Task Manager, I stopped the process and killed the file.

Bye-bye database.

At least, bye-bye until the good folks at Real Estate Success Tools saved me from my own impatience and recovered the file. Hello database, I missed you.

In the process of all this, I discovered that laptop computers only cost a fraction of what I remembered which led me to decide to purchase a newer model than my 6-year-old Compaq. And with the new computer, maybe I’ll start using the laptop for business and allow someone else in the house to use the desktop.

Truthfully, I’d just as soon go back to my Trash 100 and it’s 32 kilobytes of internal memory but I don’t think that’s going to get me all that far.

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Jonathan Dalton

Jonathan Dalton is a 40-plus-year resident of the Valley and has been helping folks buy and sell homes since 2004. He can be reached at 602-502-9693 or info at

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  • Matthew Hardy 9 years ago

    Thank you Jonathan for your kind words. I know it may sound kinda corny, but we really do care about our customers and their businesses. These days, our business really IS our database! Hope you’re backing up!

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