Toronto Globe and Mail: Shotgun Journalism

Nothing to do with real estate, just the random thoughts of a guy with a journalism degree.

I guess the dominant theory at the Toronto Globe and Mail’s hockey reporters is if they print enough rumors and speculation, ¬†something is bound to turn out to be true.

From the Associated Press:

The Globe and Mail in Toronto reported Thursday that the Thrashers’ agreement with True North was done and will be announced in Winnipeg on Tuesday. True North is led by Winnipeg businessman Mark Chipman and billionaire David Thomson, whose family owns The Globe and Mail.

On his weekly radio show Thursday, Bettman said no deal has been made to move the Thrashers to Winnipeg.

“We get reports, speculation, that the team’s gone,” Bettman said. “And there’s no deal. I can tell you that with certainty that there is no deal for this team to move. Am I predicting that there will never be or that there won’t be at some point in time? No, I’m not saying there is or there isn’t.”

True North spokesman Scott Brown told¬†The Canadian Press the report is “not true.”

Not that the move couldn’t happen or won’t happen, but still. Just once, it would be nice to see a few more facts and a little less guesswork from a newspaper who clearly won’t be happy until every Sun Belt hockey team in the States relocates north of the border.


Jonathan Dalton

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