Transcript from Glendale’s Meeting with the Goldwater Institute

Thank goodness Glendale’s attorney already referred to grandstanding so I won’t have to.

Here’s the transcript from the city’s meeting with Matthew Hulsizer, the prospective buyer of the Coyotes, and the Goldwater Institute folks.

(Yes, that’s the link to the Winnipeg Free Press. Not in the mood to link to Goldwater, though I can’t help but wonder what Barry – a fervent supporter of this, his state – would think of this whole thing.)

Don’t always agree with what the city does but I absolutely agree with one thing, as someone who plays in the newspaper toy department (how the sports department’s usually known inside a paper) … if this were a business other than a sports franchise, there would be people storming the gates to keep the business in the city.

Jonathan Dalton

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