Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

avatarthumbnail.jpgToday is April Fools’ Day, which has me wondering about the future of the two offers I’ll be submitting on behalf of buyers today. Neither offer’s bad – one even will be full price – but it wouldn’t surprise me if in the spirit of the day the listing agent decides the offer’s little more than a cruel joke.

It sounds ridiculous, I know, but truth is stranger than fiction these days. Why go to all the trouble of an admittedly satisfying April Fools’ joke when reality already is beyond belief:

  • Remember the house that couldn’t be sold? Turns out Countrywide had agreed to accept a deed-in-lieu and had sent said deed to the owner. But the owner never sold, Countrywide never checked, canceled the trustee’s sale and never gained legal ownership of the home. Makes it hard to sell.
  • One local title company has decided to stop giving real estate agents advance copies of the HUD-1 settlement statement – the form that shows what fees are charged to either side and also shows the commission being paid. But since the title company never makes mistakes this should be fine … (cough)
  • A local real estate broker called yesterday to try and woo me to his company. “You get to keep 100 percent of your commissions.” At RE/MAX, I have to turn over 5% to the company for national advertising which is fine, since it seems to work. There’s no such fee at this other company – but the $400 per transaction fee is much, much more than I’m paying and gives me nothing in return. Sweet pitch, babe.
  • Bank owned homes are now selling at such a rate that if none came to market, the current inventory would be gone in less than 80 days. But there’s no pent-up buyer demand, it’s just an agent myth.
  • Amid the mass of real estate conferences that seems to be proliferating faster than gerbils with Viagra is one being offered by someone who’s closed one transaction this year. Who says the internet isn’t a great place?
  • The Phoenix Suns are going to miss the playoffs. But hey, at least they beat the Lakers in a meaningless game in March.
  • Our own city of El Mirage asked the federal government for $400 million because of all the sacrifices the city has made because of the presence of Luke AFB. Restrictions on building around the base have left much of the city’s land impossible to develop. Of course, none of El Mirage’s problems were caused by the city’s mismanagement and ever-lasting election cycle of a decade and a half ago. Election results have been certified? Great! Let’s have a recall!
  • Tobey now has a twitter account. He doesn’t even have thumbs.

So with all of that, do I really need to make up something ridiculous? Didn’t think so.

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Jonathan Dalton

Jonathan Dalton is a 40-plus-year resident of the Valley and has been helping folks buy and sell homes since 2004. He can be reached at 602-502-9693 or info at

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