Welsh, My Tuchas

dalton-loves-texas.pngThe (deleted) was a 1,500-word diatribe on the arrogance of teams who can’t seem to stay on their own sideline, or teams whose mascot has to be removed midway through the first quarter because he was become testy and was threatening to gore multiple people.

(On the first, my 8-year-old said at lunch … “I don’t care, Dad. They cheated.” No sense hitting her with the truth, which was …)

ASU got destroyed. It’s happened before. It’ll happen again.

Best comment of the weekend came from KOGO during live radio coverage of the Bay Balloon Parade along Harbor Drive (read that sentence again in case you missed how utterly ridiculous it sounds) …

“They have three goals at Texas every year: Win the National Championship, Beat Oklahoma and Beat Texas A&M. They didn’t do any of those, but they’re here anyway.”

UT Sucks

Should we ever meet again, I hope the UT band will have learned a song without Texas in the title. Just one.

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Jonathan Dalton

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  • Jay Thompson 10 years ago

    Nice! You are a gentleman and a scholar and a man of your word.

    Well, at least one of those… 🙂

    Your wife has lovely penmanship.

  • Lani Anglin-Rosales 10 years ago

    THAT’S NOT SHARPIE, WUSS! looks like your lady’s lipstick.

    It’ll do, we’ll just razz you when we see you this spring.

  • Jonathan Dalton 10 years ago

    I’m married, Lani … my wife’s lipstick hasn’t been near any part of my face since 2005.