Working With Buyers Without Signed Agreements

Jonathan Dalton, Phoenix Real Estate AgentCan we talk for a moment? Just you and me, not quite face-to-face and sort of eye-to-eye, but still …

I’ve always believed there’s value in a handshake. I always have believed that when someone asks you forĀ  some information, sets an appointment to see some homes, wants to know about areas, that they’re being above board and are not asking multiple agents the same questions to see what other answers they may receive.

That’s one reason I shy away from Trulia Voices these days. The vast majority of folks there aren’t looking for my expertise and knowledge; they’re looking for the combined expertise of whomever feels like giving information away for free.

Personal contact is different. And that’s one of the reasons I rarely have used Buyer Broker agreements when working with a buyer.

What’s a Buyer Broker agreement? In short it’s an employment contract. My compensation is spelled out and, at the same time, you and I agree that you will hire me as your real estate agent.

For those who shop for homes with multiple agents at the same time such an agreement may be problematic and I understand your concern. Fortunately there are 50,000-odd other agents in the Valley with whom you’re welcome to work

We just won’t be working together. Nothing personal.

Those who choose me as their agent (and, for that matter, those with whom I choose to work) know the value and experience I bring to a real estate transaction.

Anyone can fill in the blanks on a real estate contract (and sometimes even correctly!) But a true professional knows what needs to be done to guide your home purchase from initial viewing to close of escrow. A real real estate professional knows the neighborhoods in which they work and can help match needs with brick and mortar.

Some believe home searching on the Internet has rendered the real estate professional useless. In truth, it’s made what I know all the more valuable because I can take what you’re seeing on your monitor and tell you how it translates to reality – whether it’s providing advice on short sales (run), features of a given area or the particulars of a certain floor plan.

Last year I toured homes with clients for two days before she returned to New York with her husband. Using the feedback I received I was able to take the two dozen homes she later found online and narrow them down to a manageable six.

Even as I did so, I told her I knew what house she was going to buy based on everything we discussed. Guess which house they bought? And I’ll have a similar tale in about a week when another escrow closes.

I can’t force anyone to see the value I or any real estate agent brings to the table. If you don’t see the value of a particular agent then by all means use the first person you find. It won’t matter what they do or don’t do for you.

But if you’re putting thought into your six-figure real estate purchase, value ought to matter. And I’ll provide that value to you, just as soon as we complete the paperwork.

The best part? Representation still costs nothing out of pocket in the vast majority of circumstances. All you spend is a little bit of ink, most likely out of my pen.

Not a bad deal, me thinks.

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Jonathan Dalton

Jonathan Dalton is a 40-plus-year resident of the Valley and has been helping folks buy and sell homes since 2004. He can be reached at 602-502-9693 or info at